In February, Cody Rigsby’s devotees flocked to his Instagram after he missed several workout classes.

Where was the Peloton superstar?

It had been days since the cycling instructor known for signing off with “Bye, boo” at the end of every class had taught a live workout. Rigsby, an avid social media user, hadn’t posted an Instagram photo in days. As it turned out, he had covid.

This week, Rigsby announced he’d be taking more time off the bike — and the dance floor. Despite taking precautions and being vaccinated, the “Dancing With the Stars” contestant has a minor breakthrough case, he said.

“I have some news that I don’t want to be sharing with you but here it is: I have tested positive for covid — again — the second time this year,” Rigsby, 34, said in an Instagram video.

Some people are catching coronavirus after being vaccinated. Johns Hopkins University infectious disease expert Lisa Maragakis gives advice on how to stay safe. (John Farrell/The Washington Post)

The announcement came days after his “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Cheryl Burke, shared she’d be quarantining after testing positive for the virus. The news has left fans of the show wondering about the pair’s fate in the contest and the future of the ABC reality competition, which premiered nearly two weeks ago. Burke had also been vaccinated.

Neither Rigsby nor Burke responded to messages from The Washington Post on Thursday night.

The show, which vowed to resume this year despite the pandemic, returned for its 30th season on Sept. 20. This season’s contestants include an Olympian, a Spice Girl and the most famous influencer involved in the Operation Varsity Blues college admissions scandal. This is also the first time two women have been paired up as dancers in the show’s U.S. version.

In the season premiere, Rigsby — “a celebrity fitness guru,” as the TV network calls him — and Burke sported matching fuchsia outfits as they danced the foxtrot. Rigsby began his performance just as one would expect: on a Peloton bike.

“Now I see what the hype’s all about. You’re fabulous!” judge Carrie Ann Inaba said, although she noted that Rigsby’s nerves were evident.

The couple scored 24 out of 40 points, ranking sixth out of 15, but judges agreed they could expect to see the former professional dancer, who worked with Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, in the ballroom for quite some time.

That prediction didn’t quite pan out.

By the second show, judges were forced to evaluate the couple’s salsa performance outside of the studio following Burke’s announcement that she had contracted the virus. Rigsby, who had not tested positive then, and Burke were both quarantining, so judges watched the prerecorded rehearsal. The duo scored 6-6-6-6, again totaling 24 out of 40 points.

On Sunday, a day before the second episode aired, Burke, 37, took to her Instagram to share the news of her illness.

“I have really bad news,” the professional dancer announced while sitting inside her car after receiving her test results. “I am positive, which means I have covid … I feel so bad for Cody [Rigsby.] I feel like I’m letting him down … I just hope I didn’t spread it.”

In a YouTube video posted days later, Burke said she was grateful to have received the vaccine because although she had lost her sense of taste and smell, she was only experiencing minor headaches, congestion and fatigue.

“I’m just blessed and grateful that I got vaccinated … because this probably would have gotten way worse,” she added.

Burke said she was following the competition from afar and later added that she would train Rigsby, whom she called “an amazing and talented dancer,” via Zoom. That plan was upended on Thursday when Rigsby shared he had also tested positive for the virus.

“In comparison to when I had covid earlier this year, it is night and day so that must be the vaccine, the antibodies working so we’re super grateful for that,” Rigsby said on Instagram, adding that he is experiencing some congestion, minor headaches and a cough. “As far as my fate on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ we’re still trying to figure that out right now so please be patient with that answer.”

Neither an ABC nor a “Dancing with the Stars” spokesperson immediately responded to messages from The Post regarding the duo’s future in the competition.

As for the next couple of days, Rigsby expects to take some time off both the saddle and his dancing shoes to fully recover.

“I’ll be back as soon as I am ready,” he wrote on Instagram.

He added: “I’m going to go eat all the yummy food that I can right now as I still have my taste buds. I will chat with you soon. Bye boos.”