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The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday said a booster dose of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine enhanced virus-fighting antibodies, while maintaining an ambivalent tone about whether a third dose is currently needed.

The agency’s review came just after Moderna submitted to the FDA a briefing suggesting that a booster of its vaccine could protect against breakthrough infections from the delta variant.

The FDA is scheduled to meet Thursday and Friday, when independent experts will advise the agency on questions about booster shots’ safety and effectiveness, as well as whether people can safely take a booster made by a company different from their original shot.

Here’s what to know

  • New York state must keep letting health-care workers request religious exemptions from its coronavirus vaccine mandate as a lawsuit filed by 17 medical professionals proceeds, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.
  • Two Wisconsin parents are suing their sons’ schools after both children tested positive for the coronavirus. The lawsuits blame what the parents describe as the schools’ lax policies on masks, quarantining and contact tracing.
  • A British parliamentary committee report released Tuesday concludes that government decisions and advice from health experts in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic were among “the most important public health failures the United Kingdom has ever experienced.”
  • Moderna said Monday that it will not share the formula for its coronavirus vaccine, dismissing calls from global health officials to help boost vaccine supply in poorer countries.