Twelve inches of heavy, wet snow piled high Wednesday night in northern Denmark — coating roadways, grounding flights and halting train lines. As the flakes fell, a group of shoppers and employees still inside an Ikea in the city of Aalborg soon suspected they may not make it home.

They were right. Six customers, about two dozen employees and a handful of workers from a neighboring toy shop hunkered down in the Swedish furniture store for the night. They made the best of an unusual scenario, Michelle Barrett, one of the toy store employees, told public radio broadcaster DR.

“We just laughed at the situation, because we will probably not experience it again,” Barrett said.

The storm on Wednesday was the heaviest snowfall Denmark had seen since 2018, according to DR. On the first day of December, the Nordic country was hit with 20 percent of the snowfall Denmark typically sees over the entire month.

Last week, 61 people spent three nights stranded at Britain’s highest-altitude pub. Most of the customers made the trek to the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire to see an Oasis cover band, while others went just for a drink. But snow and heavy winds brought down power lines, the Associated Press reported. Fallen trees and debris blocked roadways. Over the next few days, the stranded crew watched movies, played trivia and board games, and sang karaoke.

There are few stores that could meet all of one’s needs if a blizzard suddenly strands shoppers. Ikea is one of them. The store was stocked with food and had plenty of beds — allowing the group to embark on Goldilocks-style journeys to choose the perfect resting spot.

Store manager Peter Elmose told Ekstra Bladet, a Danish tabloid newspaper, that he encouraged everyone to “pick the exact bed they always have wanted to try.”

That evening, they watched television and enjoyed stuffed pork, hot cocoa and risalamande, a Danish rice pudding served during Christmastime, according to DR.

As everyone tucked themselves into bed, Elmose said he strolled around the floors singing good-night songs. In the morning, they had hot coffee and freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

Erik Bangsgaard, one of the stranded customers, said he was impressed with the service the staff provided.

“It was fantastic considering the circumstances,” he told Ekstra Bladet.

He and his wife, Hanne, went to Ikea that night with some friends to dine on the cafeteria’s Christmas menu, he said. Soon after arriving at the store, the 75-year-old recognized they may have trouble getting home.

Despite the less-than-optimal circumstances, Bangsgaard said there was a positive mood among the stranded customers and employees.

“We were just really happy to [have] shelter,” he added.

Barrett, the toy shop employee, was also thankful for the safe, heated place to sleep.

“It’s much better than sleeping in one’s car,” she told DR. “It has been nice and warm, and we are just happy that they would let us in.”

But one thing didn’t go exactly to Bangsgaard’s liking. He and his wife were eying a double bed as they made their way through the showroom looking for a spot to sleep — only for their friends to snatch it first, he said, laughing.

“So we took a sofa bed,” he said. “That was really nice.”