If Ciudad No dateline, he’s not in Mexico Juarez were not dangerous enough, a deadly clash took place there Tuesday night between federal police and bodyguards for the new mayor of the violent Mexican border city.

Each side in the shooting blamed the other, as federal officials and Juarez Mayor Hector Murguia released conflicting versions of the incident.

City officials said that bodyguard Jorge Humberto Munoz Perez, 29, a municipal police officer and member of the security detail, was confronted by masked federal police at a street corner near where the mayor was dining. They ordered him to lay down his weapon and put his hands in the air, the city officials said. Munoz cq was shot twice and died at the scene.

Murguia said his bodyguard identified himself. The mayor later challenged federal officers at a hotel where they were staying, and the city leader told local reporters that he was insulted, mocked and told, “You aren’t anybody here.” The mayor said he was lucky he was not shot.

The federal police, who have failed to stem the drug violence that left more than 3,000 dead in Ciudad Juarez last year, said their officers were alerted by a taxi driver that armed men were gathering at a corner.

Federal police said they saw men with rifles, demanded they put down their arms , then opened fire when the men pointed their rifles at the agents. Their statement said the bodyguards did not identify themselves.