Facing a cash crisis, Hezbollah and its Iranian sponsors reap millions from smuggled amphetamines.

Corrigan said there was ‘anti-Christian’ bias at the agency and that Democratic lawmakers wanted her fired.

Trump recently initiated a new legal challenge to a subpoena sent to his accounting firm.

Judge Esther Salas says the “monster” who killed her son easily obtained her address and had a “dossier” on her family.

Eight Marines and a sailor died after their armored vehicle took on water off the coast of California.

Lawmakers said the subpoenas were necessary because the administration has stonewalled its efforts to interview officials.

Service members face manslaughter charges in death of Special Forces veteran after a brawl in Iraq.

Anthony J. Tata had withdrawn from consideration his controversial nomination for undersecretary of defense for policy.

The National Navy SEAL Museum, a nonprofit that is not overseen by the Navy, held the event last year, the Navy said.

Brian Murphy, the acting undersecretary for intelligence and analysis, has been reassigned to an administrative office, according to people familiar with the matter.

Former officials say there is no coherent Russia policy, only tactical responses to the Kremlin’s actions.

According to a report in O Globo, Brazil’s largest newspaper, Ambassador Todd Chapman asked Brazil’s government to lower ethanol tariffs to help Trump in Iowa.

The lawyer is due to face trial in October for allegedly defrauding Stormy Daniels.

In a letter Friday, Democratic senators said they “have grown increasingly concerned” about DHS intelligence activities, particularly during protests in Portland, Ore.

By taking capital punishment off the table, federal prosecutors may be able to obtain crucial evidence from Britain needed to bring a case.

U.S. Marine Corps officials said early on Friday that search-and-rescue efforts were still underway.

Homeland Security analysts used a system for disseminating information about terrorist threats to document the work of reporters covering unrest in Portland, Ore.

Some of the fastest-moving U.S. vaccines and antibody therapies for covid-19 trace their roots to a technology research arm of the Pentagon.

President Trump’s ex-lawyer sued the government after he was sent back to prison earlier this month in what a federal judge called an act of retaliation.

The retired Army general with a history of inflammatory and bitterly partisan statements was due to be scrutinized by the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday morning, but the hearing has been postponed, according to two congressional officials and an internal email obtained by The Washington Post.

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