National Security

Spec. Austin Hawk was near the end of his enlistment when he was stabbed at Fort Stewart last year.

The cluster of cases at the fortified embassy in Kabul comes as U.S. forces withdraw.

Critics said the Trump-era initiative to target China’s economic espionage has amounted to racial profiling and fostered a climate of fear in academic and research institutions.

The measure is expected to be taken up in the Senate later this year and is the first of several long-standing military authorizations that critics hope to repeal.

Modest technocratic gains stand in contrast to the grander ambitions of previous American presidents in meetings with the Russian leader.

Adm. Michael Gilday recommended Ibram X. Kendi's "How to Be an Antiracist." GOP members of Congress asked him to respond to portions of the book.

While employing tough rhetoric against Putin, Biden has resisted calls from inside his administration to take an even more aggressive stance toward Moscow.

The documents shed light on how allies of the president contacted multiple Justice Department officials as part of a campaign to reverse the outcome of the race.

The FBI warns that Saudi government officials have undermined the U.S. judicial process.

The quest by spy agencies and public health officials relied on public reports and intelligence from foreign governments. Now, President Biden has reinvigorated the search, ordering a fresh intelligence review.

The GAO decision rejects GOP claims that Biden is legally obligated to build barriers with money appropriated for that purpose by Congress.

New measures targeting the extreme right represent “a sea change in counterterrorism” after two decades battling Islamist militants.

The Norwegian prime minister said the offer would not extend beyond the first quarter of 2022 as a new civilian hospital is established.

Garland’s statement came before he met with news executives over the seizure of reporters’ records.

The policy may need to be revisited if the Taliban threatens key U.S. and allied diplomatic facilities in Kabul, one U.S. official said.

In a fight over vaccinations in the courthouse, South Dakota judge says U.S. Marshals “kidnapped” defendants to thwart him, and schedules a trial for September.

The halfway house can use the option of home confinement as she finishes her sentence, her lawyer said.

Several key issues, such as Turkey’s purchase of a Russian missile defense system, appear intractable.

U.S. partners have concerns about protecting embassies, medical facilities and the international airport.

Iran wants guarantees that a future U.S. administration will not reverse any accord, and the United States wants follow-on talks on other issues, including Iran’s missile programs.

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