Justice Department opposes release of Mar-a-Lago affidavit

Media outlets have asked a judge to unseal the document, which likely offers more detail about the decision to search former president Donald Trump’s residence.

By Perry SteinAugust 16, 2022

A Capitol rioter tried to bond with a Reagan judge, then got a lecture

Judge Thomas F. Hogan said he was increasingly irritated by Jan. 6 defendants who expressed no responsibility or remorse for their actions.

By Rachel WeinerAugust 16, 2022
The Washington Post

Road to war: U.S. struggled to convince allies, and Zelensky, of risk of invasion

A Washington Post examination of the road to war in Ukraine, and Western efforts to unite to thwart the Kremlin’s plans, draws on extensive interviews with more than three dozen senior U.S., Ukrainian, European and NATO officials.

By Shane Harris, Karen DeYoung, Isabelle Khurshudyan, Ashley Parker and Liz SlyAugust 16, 2022

Five takeaways from The Post’s examination of the road to war in Ukraine

A Washington Post examination of the road to war in Ukraine, and Western efforts to unite to thwart the Kremlin’s plans, draws on extensive interviews with more than three dozen senior U.S., Ukrainian, European and NATO officials.

By Shane Harris, Karen DeYoung and Isabelle KhurshudyanAugust 16, 2022

An interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

During an hour-long, wide-ranging interview with The Washington Post at the presidential office in Kyiv, Zelensky discussed U.S. warnings about Russia preparing to launch a full-scale invasion — and if he believed them.

By Isabelle KhurshudyanAugust 16, 2022

A U.S.-Russia nuclear war could starve 5 billion to death, study says

Soot from nuclear weapons would cloud out skies, collapsing harvests and leading to global famine, according to a study in the journal Nature Food.

By Marina LopesAugust 16, 2022

In Afghanistan, U.S. confronts Taliban era with limited sway

A year after U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan, U.S. officials are working with Islamic organizations and other nations as they seek to employ the few tools they have to influence the Taliban government.

By Missy RyanAugust 15, 2022
The Washington Post

A year after U.S. drone strike killed Afghan civilians, relatives on path to resettlement

The federal government has moved nearly four dozen family members out of Afghanistan.

By Abigail HauslohnerAugust 15, 2022

Giuliani is target in Ga. criminal probe of 2020 election, lawyer says

The former Trump attorney is expected to be in Atlanta to testify before a grand jury on Wednesday.

By Tom Hamburger and Eugene ScottAugust 15, 2022

U.S. reports drone strikes on Tanf base in Syria, no casualties

The remote base is located near Syria's Jordanian and Iraqi borders and is not far from a smuggling route for Iranian weapons into the country.

By Sarah DadouchAugust 15, 2022

Biden botched Afghan withdrawal, new GOP House report claims

The report contains new details about the number of Americans left behind and the paucity of State Department staff to process Afghans trying to flee.

By Karoun Demirjian and Tim CraigAugust 14, 2022

U.S. lawmakers visit Taiwan after Pelosi trip angers China

Five members of Congress, led by Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), will discuss U.S.-Taiwan relations as well as investments such as semiconductors.

By Anna Phillips and Sammy WestfallAugust 14, 2022

Condemnations of FBI in wake of Trump seizure worry lawmakers

Many in the GOP have launched broadsides against law enforcement, prompting even some of their colleagues to urge them to tone down the rhetoric.

By Anna PhillipsAugust 14, 2022

Trump’s secrets: How a records dispute led the FBI to search Mar-a-Lago

The court-authorized search was a remarkable moment for Donald Trump, and a turning point in his relationship with the Justice Department.

By Josh Dawsey, Rosalind S. Helderman, Jacqueline Alemany and Devlin BarrettAugust 13, 2022

The Trump search warrant focuses on classified information. What you need to know.

Answers to questions about classified information to help decode some of the items included in the Mar-a-Lago warrant inventory list.

By Perry SteinAugust 13, 2022

U.S. allies most vulnerable to Russia press for more troops, weapons

About 100,000 U.S. troops are deployed across Europe, with a growing center of gravity in the east. But for those on Russia’s doorstep, it’s not yet enough.

By Alex Horton, Karoun Demirjian and Michael BirnbaumAugust 13, 2022

Agents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago seized 11 sets of classified documents, court filing shows

The newly-unsealed search warrant for Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club lists potential crimes including mishandling defense information and destruction of records.

By Devlin Barrett and Josh DawseyAugust 12, 2022

The nuclear documents

The newly unsealed search warrant for Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home lists potential crimes, including violating the Espionage Act. The Washington Post reported Thursday that the FBI was also looking for classified documents about nuclear weapons.

By Maggie Penman, Alexis Diao, Reena Flores, Jordan-Marie Smith, Rennie Svirnovskiy, Ariel Plotnick, Emma Talkoff, Sabby Robinson and Sean CarterAugust 12, 2022

National Archives counters Trump’s baseless claims about Obama records

Since the FBI search of his Florida home and club this week for classified documents, Trump has incorrectly asserted in social media posts that Obama “kept 33 million pages of documents, much of them classified."

By John WagnerAugust 12, 2022
The Washington Post

FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say

Experts in classified information said the unusual search underscores deep concern among government officials about the types of information they thought could be located at Mar-a-Lago.

By Devlin Barrett, Josh Dawsey, Perry Stein and Shane HarrisAugust 12, 2022