What to know about Dearie, the special master reviewing Trump documents

Raymond J. Dearie, a federal judge in Brooklyn, is described by lawyers and colleagues as an exemplary jurist

Raymond J. Dearie, serving as a chief judge of the federal court in the Eastern District of New York in May 2008. (Gregory P. Mango)
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Judge Aileen Cannon has appointed Raymond J. Dearie, a former chief federal judge in New York, to sort through more than 11,000 documents — including classified materials — that FBI agents seized from former president Donald Trump’s Florida residence last month.

It was a blow to the Justice Department, which has argued a special master is legally unnecessary and — even if appointed — should not be charged with reviewing any of the 100 or so seized documents marked as classified. Appointing a special master to review these documents, prosecutors argued in numerous court filings, would slow down a criminal investigation into the potential mishandling of classified information and could pose a national security risk.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dearie and what he will be doing in this high-profile and unusual investigation.