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The administration has faced pressure to move swiftly to aid local partners.

The secretary of state is attending a conference on Libya in Berlin before meetings in France and Italy.

Mariam Thompson, 63, gave targeting information from U.S. Special Ops command in Iraq to a Lebanese man with Hezbollah ties.

"This is a leadership issue. And we will lead," Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said.

The action is the latest U.S. effort to combat what it calls Iranian disinformation.

Gen. Mark A. Milley is one of a handful of top officials to straddle a transition characterized by violence, conspiracy theories and two strikingly different commanders in chief.

While Republican leaders focus on “both sides,” many Oklahomans are alarmed to see terrorist Timothy McVeigh’s far-right ideology spread in the state he attacked.

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Officials close to President Alexander Lukashenko were targeted and the E.U. promises more sanctions soon.

Doxing is part of a growing effort by left-wing activists to punish some on the far right by exposing their violent behavior to their employers, family and friends.

The new attorney general has been criticized by some Democrats over recent legal decisions, but Garland insists he is plotting a straight course.

The secretary also announced that VA would change the name of the Veterans Health Administration’s LGBT health program to the LGBTQ+ Health Program to reflect inclusiveness.

Spec. Austin Hawk was near the end of his enlistment when he was stabbed at Fort Stewart last year.

The cluster of cases at the fortified embassy in Kabul comes as U.S. forces withdraw.

Critics said the Trump-era initiative to target China’s economic espionage has amounted to racial profiling and fostered a climate of fear in academic and research institutions.

The measure is expected to be taken up in the Senate later this year and is the first of several long-standing military authorizations that critics hope to repeal.

Modest technocratic gains stand in contrast to the grander ambitions of previous American presidents in meetings with the Russian leader.

Adm. Michael Gilday recommended Ibram X. Kendi's "How to Be an Antiracist." GOP members of Congress asked him to respond to portions of the book.

While employing tough rhetoric against Putin, Biden has resisted calls from inside his administration to take an even more aggressive stance toward Moscow.

The documents shed light on how allies of the president contacted multiple Justice Department officials as part of a campaign to reverse the outcome of the race.

The FBI warns that Saudi government officials have undermined the U.S. judicial process.

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