National Security

Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly booked Jeffrey Epstein’s massage sessions with underage girls.

Officials say the FBI could not confirm assertions in a 2017 book that a key witness recanted prior testimony.

Russia sees Ukraine as part of its traditional sphere of influence and does not want Kyiv joining the U.S.-led NATO alliance. Here's what to know about Russia's troop buildup on the Ukraine border.

The diplomatic boycott does not affect the ability of American athletes to participate in the Games, but it will be seen as a major affront by China.

Witness says Maxwell showered her with compliments, encouraged her to give Epstein massages.

Latinos fueled growth in Texas that added two congressional seats. The lawsuit says those districts favor non-Latino Whites.

President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will be talking as Russian troops mass along the border with Ukraine.

A last-minute race to make historic changes as part of the annual defense authorization bill has left some advocates arguing that Congress’s forthcoming legislation is too limited.

Officials say the administration’s goal remains a return to compliance with the 2015 deal, but Iran was not serious in latest round of talks.

While, overall, the vast majority of service members have complied with the Pentagon’s vaccination mandate, even a few percent of the military’s 2.1 million troops translates to tens of thousands of people. Officials have said that those who are unvaccinated are not deployable, underscoring the predicament ahead not only for unit-level commanders facing manpower challenges, but for senior officials in Washington and beyond responsible for setting the U.S. military’s priorities and maintaining an adequate presence across the world.

Former Justice Dept. official has indicated he may plead the Fifth, illustrating risks of legal standoff.

Satellite imagery shows a buildup of Russian forces near Ukraine’s borders, as well as newly arrived tanks and artillery.

European diplomats said Iran has backtracked on earlier commitments on uranium enrichment and sanctions.

Measures from U.S, E.U., Canada and Britain seek to punish Lukashenko over migrant crisis and other actions.

The federal pattern-or-practice probe is the Biden administration’s fourth into local law enforcement agencies.

The tentative agreement could stave off a dire situation in which the U.S. Embassy would be effectively shuttered.

The meeting between Antony Blinken and Sergei Lavrov came amid mounting tensions over Russia’s military buildup along Ukraine’s border.

Acting U.S. Attorney John Farley said in a statement that while political expression is protected speech, threats of violence are serious federal crimes.

Some states are prohibiting the use of county jails for migrants, but ICE simply moves detainees facing deportation to friendlier locations.

The woman recalled meeting Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein at an arts camp in 1994.

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