National Security

The woman recalled meeting Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein at an arts camp in 1994.

A new memo from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin appears to be in direct response to the unprecedented standoff with the Pentagon that has taken hold in Oklahoma, where thousands of National Guard personnel remain unvaccinated and a spokesman for Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) said Tuesday that the governor was within his authority to tell them they may sidestep federal directives.

The Biden administration is trying to forge a unified response to Russia’s military buildup near the Russian border with Ukraine.

Communities that faced persecution in the “war on terror” say the Jan. 6 investigation highlights inequalities in how Muslim suspects are treated.

Prosecutor describes “horrific abuse” of young victims, while defense attorney questions their accounts.

The announcement of the investigation comes just two weeks after the Pentagon first publicly acknowledged the details of the March 2019 strike.

After a five-month break in negotiations, the two sides seem no closer to an agreement over lifting sanctions and ending Tehran’s nuclear expansion.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken left Monday on a trip to Europe and Washington is looking to consolidate a position among allies.

A U.N. program supporting health clinics could provide a model for injecting cash into the economy while bypassing the interim Taliban government.

The 26-year-old was apprehended and brought to a hospital, Customs and Border Protection said.

Maxwell, a longtime companion to Epstein, allegedly helped recruit and groom his young sex abuse victims.

Bahrain is ordered to pay millions after shutting down an Iranian-owned bank accused of sanctions violations.

Iran blocked access by international inspectors to a key facility and has been accelerating its uranium enrichment.

William J. Burns said that causing debilitating aliments among U.S. personnel and their family members would be beyond the pale for a “professional intelligence service.”

The Pentagon's Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group will collect intelligence and counterintelligence data, and offer solutions for any threats that such objects may pose.

Picking a new president exposes the fraught global politics of policing, and the policing of global politics.

The Biden administration told Congress it will remove the terror designation but issue new ones for at least one splinter group.

The deal, which requires court approval, would end lawsuits over the FBI’s failure to act on warnings about the gunman.

Brendan Hunt’s trial tested the boundary between criminality and free speech.

A Justice Department probe is underway, while the mayor and a new police chief push their own changes.

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