The overwhelming bipartisan vote reflected a desire by both parties to restore order at the Pentagon after a rocky, rudderless several months.

The House has also passed the measure, which will provide compensation to those sick or dying from exposure to toxic debris.

The FBI director sought to assure lawmakers the bureau is aggressively exploring racially motivated violence.

The former special counsel is set to appear before two congressional panels Wednesday.

Diving back into the encryption debate, the nation’s top law enforcement official says drug cartel used WhatsApp to plan killings of police officers.

“You can expect him to stick pretty close to the four walls of the report come Wednesday,” a spokesman said.

The company, which faces growing scrutiny and suspicion, worked with another Chinese firm to funnel equipment across the border for nearly a decade, internal documents say.

Secretary of state wraps up Latin America trip as Trump’s deadline looms for possible new tariffs on Mexico.

The special counsel is famously tight-lipped, but he will face tremendous pressure at Wednesday’s hearing to say more about his probe of President Trump.

Jeffrey A. Rosen deflected questions on most controversial topics — until it came to Congress holding his boss in contempt.

Secretary of state’s visit to Argentina’s capital coincided with the 25th anniversary of a car bomb attack on a Jewish community center.

Many are drug offenders, officials said. Others were convicted of weapons and sex offenses, robbery and national-security-related crimes.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is traveling to Buenos Aires for a regional counterterrorism conference.

The country’s weak economy has gotten worse as the Trump administration has tried to reduce its oil revenue.

The multimillionaire is charged with sex trafficking dozens of girls from 2002 to 2005.

A judge ordered the release of investigative materials involving the federal probe of payments made to protect Trump’s candidacy.

Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee face backlash from Democrats and advocates eager to see the measure passed.

The president’s opposition to efforts aimed at punishing Saudi leaders has ignited a new clash in the Senate.

The revelation suggests they will not charge Trump Organization executives or others linked to the case.

The United States “will send me to a prison where my name will never be heard again,” the leader of Mexico’s violent Sinaloa Cartel told the judge.

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