A separate case in Los Angeles accuses the outspoken foe of President Trump of wire fraud and misusing a client’s funds.

A senior Russian defense official and about 100 troops landed in Caracas over the weekend, according to reports.

The president and his supporters took a victory lap after the special counsel’s investigation finds he and his campaign did not conspire with efforts to swing the 2016 election.

The special counsel’s report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, but it does not exonerate him either, according to a summary issued Sunday.

The summary could be brief and high-level, but a Justice Department spokesperson said the principal conclusions would be made public.

Calling the president “ham-handed” in his management of foreign policy, Democrats see the Yemen war as the latest opportunity to challenge his unorthodox approach to the world.

The campaign for recognition gained real traction after Bolton arrived at the White House last spring.

The inquiry has consumed Washington for nearly two years and led to guilty pleas from former advisers to President Trump.

Justice Dept. policy says a sitting president may not be indicted, but evidence of any criminal activities should be made public, lawmakers say.

“President Trump likes Chairman Kim,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders explains.

The 22-month-old investigation by the special counsel has exposed numerous contacts between Trump associates and Russians and generated unpredictable ripple effects.

Latest announcement reveals a disconnect between White House depiction and eyewitness reports.

Directives also will be sent to the CIA, NSA, Director of National Intelligence, and the departments of Justice, Treasury and State, congressional aides say.

The U.S. sanctions target 31 people and companies working on technology the Trump administration says could be used to restart a nuclear weapons program.

The legislature’s post-election special session sought to strip authority from the Democratic governor-elect.

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