The government crackdown has forced more than 700,000 Rohingya Muslims into Bangladesh.

"This soldier’s behavior and actions are not condoned by the 3rd Infantry Division," a spokesperson said, though it's unclear what disciplinary action he will face.

The administration continues to wrestle with sanctions mandated under U.S. law because of Ankara’s deal to buy a Russian antimissile system.

His latest remarks about four congresswomen of color will add to a record that has affected immigration and other cases.

For Garner’s supporters, the decision is a disappointing, albeit expected, end to a case that sparked a national outcry.

Army Secretary Mark T. Esper, a former Army officer, worked for seven years as a top lobbyist for defense contractor Raytheon.

A rabbi from Tree of Life synagogue drew applause at a State Department conference when he condemned bigotry against immigrants and called for toning down “our language.”

The meeting comes just before the anniversary of his death, when the statute of limitations will preclude certain civil rights charges in the case.

Richard V. Spencer became acting defense secretary to comply with federal law as Mark T. Esper seeks Senate confirmation to take on the role permanently.  

The financier’s sex trafficking case has riveted the nation, in part because of a controversial plea deal he reached with prosecutors in 2008 to resolve similar allegations.

Barr decried “identity politics” in a speech at the Justice Department a day after the president said minority lawmakers should leave the country.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was given a visa to honor U.S. commitments to the United Nations.

"Let's see them aliens," the event's description reads.

The allegation appears in a court filing Friday.

The measure is one of several amendments to the annual defense bill that helped unite Democrats around the legislation, but pushed Republicans further from it.

The action sends the issue to the Senate, as officials say the fund is running out of money.

The panel’s Republican chairman suggested members expressing concerns with the investigation of Gen. John Hyten are playing anti-Trump politics.

Gen. Mark Milley, president’s pick to become next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, vowed to provide independent advice.

Court documents show that Acosta’s office was amenable to the demands of Epstein’s defense team, even as it kept accusers in the dark.

Democrats are counting on a series of key amendments to bring most party members to rally around the bill.

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