NEW YORK — Ghislaine Maxwell, in a years-old, heavily redacted interview transcript made public overnight Thursday, denied having knowledge of Jeffrey Esptein's interactions with underage girls who claimed he sexually abused them, and offered little additional clarity on the couple's association with other rich and powerful people in their orbit.

Maxwell's deposition, which she gave in July 2016 as part of a now-settled defamation suit brought by one of Epstein's accusers, Virginia Giuffre, was among the cache of court records ordered unsealed after she waged a long legal battle to keep them private. Its disclosure comes as Maxwell awaits trial on charges that she enabled Epstein's activities decades ago by recruiting and grooming girls he abused. Federal prosecutors have accused her of lying in the deposition about her knowledge of Epstein's sexual activities and habits.

At one point in the sworn testimony, Giuffre's attorney David Boies challenged Maxwell's assertion that she was aware only of three people other than herself who had engaged in sexual activity with Epstein at his properties, a claim starkly at odds with the accounts of dozens of accusers to come forward over the years — including those who have alleged that, in some instances, Maxwell was either present or participated.

"I'm not aware," Maxwell told Boies, conceding she knew only "of the ones we discussed."

Maxwell, 59, remains detained in a Brooklyn jail. She has pleaded not guilty, and earlier this week her legal team filed motions seeking the case's dismissal. Her lawyers had argued that releasing these records, which prosecutors used to bring a perjury charge against her, would jeopardize her right to a fair trial.

Epstein committed suicide in 2019 while in federal custody following his arrest on charges he abused minors. He was a registered sex offender, having pleaded guilty years before in a widely criticized deal with prosecutors in Florida.

Maxwell was often at the wealthy financier’s side, traveling the world on his private jet and spending time at his sprawling homes in New York, Florida, New Mexico and his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Her deposition was conducted by Boies. It was the second such interview Maxwell gave under oath that year and was approved by a judge after Giuffre’s lawyers complained Maxwell was evasive during the first interview in April 2016 — when she defended Epstein and expressed why she remained loyal to him.

Throughout the deposition, Boies had several contentious exchanges with Maxwell’s attorney, Jeffrey Pagliuca, over the appropriateness of Boies’s questions and what was allowed to be asked of Maxwell under the judge’s ruling ordering further testimony. Maxwell remained combative and repeatedly denied knowledge of Epstein’s activities.

She testified, for instance, that she was aware he would get massages while visiting his private Caribbean island but said she had no knowledge of anyone who gave him massages besides professional masseuses brought in from nearby St. Thomas.

“Did Mr. Epstein ever receive massages at his Virgin Islands property from people that he had brought with him?” Boies asked Maxwell.

Maxwell answered that her “memory of the massages on the island were from people who came from St. Thomas.” She said she didn’t “recall” and had “no idea” if she ever arranged for anyone to travel with them on Epstein’s plane to provide massages on his private island.

Epstein’s accusers have said he would fly them to his island for the purpose of delivering sexual massages. Some of his accusers are seeking financial damages from his estate as part of on ongoing civil case.

Investigators have alleged that girls brought into Epstein’s circle for abuse were often lured with the promise of getting paid for giving massages, and that Epstein and Maxwell then pressured them into engaging in sexual activities.

Maxwell testified in the July deposition that she remembered seeing attorney Alan Dershowitz at some of Epstein’s properties — including at least once on his private island — but said she had no knowledge of Dershowitz receiving massages while visiting him. Dershowitz has vigorously maintained that he never had sexual relations with any of the girls or women who surrounded Epstein. He has said he received a nonsexual massage just once at Epstein’s home, given by a woman whom he estimated to be in her 40s.

Maxwell’s case remains closely watched, in part because there have been so many accusers to come forward, and because of Epstein’s vast connections. He and Maxwell were close for a time with former presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, though both men have said they knew nothing of his crimes, and with Britain’s Prince Andrew, who has faced related accusations and steadily rebuffed investigators’ bid to speak with him. Andrew has denied any wrongdoing.

Giuffre accused Epstein of sexually exploiting her when she was a teen with the assistance of Maxwell. A photograph showing Giuffre with Prince Andrew — and Maxwell smiling in the background — has come to represent the ostensibly glamorous world that enticed many young and troubled girls.

The Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office, which is handing Maxwell’s prosecution, said after Epstein’s death that it was committed to bringing others to justice who may have participated in or facilitated Epstein’s crimes.

Helderman reported from Washington.