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She is having unexpected trouble drawing women to her cause as a new poll shows Sanders with a solid lead among female voters in New Hampshire.

As others try to claim the baton as alternative to Trump, winnowing of the GOP field may be delayed.

They zip and dart across the sky in a three-jet formation.

Tuesday’s primary will test where the party stands in its quest for a softer tone that might woo Hispanic voters.

He says he would govern with respect. But first he needs to kick some “rear end.”

Maryland’s High Point High offers an example of how a school adjusts to a rapid influx of immigrant students.

A roundup of news from across the country.

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The GOP candidate has done relatively few events in the run-up to Tuesday’s primary.

Important abortion case brings rush of ‘Brandeis briefs’ that seek to sway the court with history and science.

The president is trying to burnish his legacy and help Democrats with a little more economic happy talk.

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Older people with cluttered or infested homes risk eviction; many can’t afford remediation.

Outside a town hall for presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), we asked New Englanders to choose between their candidate winning the New Hampshire primary or their football team playing in the Super Bowl.

China and America are seeking a balance between mastering academics and preparing for life.

Hillary Clinton has cast the water crisis in the African-American-majority city as an example of economic and racial injustice.

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The top three GOP finishers in Iowa are displaying limitations, but can other candidates capitalize?

A Bethesda firm marries big data with DNA research, trying to tailor precision treatments for individuals.

The Security Council accused the country of developing a nuclear-weapons system and threatening world peace.

Co-chief executive of FINCA Microfinance Holding, a D.C.-based global microfinance organization

Here is a look at who is moving where in the Greater Washington job market.

These firms recently filed with a U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s local court clerk’s office.

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