The attorney general, who has sparked controversy over immigration, race and other issues, plans to talk about free speech on college campuses.

The Republican senator from Louisiana has doggedly pushed his proposal to revise the Affordable Care Act despite almost certain defeat.

First report on revised admission test shows high averages. But they’re not really that high.

John Middlemas kneeled in solidarity with professional athletes who have protested during the playing of the national anthem.

The former Trump campaign adviser had wanted to testify to the House Intelligence Committee in public, but will appear for a closed-door interview Tuesday.

Conditions as a result of Hurricane Maria have become raw and primitive amid an intensifying fear that the worst of the crisis is yet to come.

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The Senate barely followed anything resembling a normal process as it considered a bill to overhaul an industry representing one-sixth of the national economy.

President Trump has endorsed Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.) in his primary Senate race, but some of his comments have been less than enthusiastic.

Students without access to high-quality STEM education "are at risk of being shut out from some of the most attractive job options," the memo says.

Sen. Susan Collins’s opposition, after the CBO estimated millions would lose coverage, doomed the bill.

The shooting that left one dead prompted a hate crime investigation carried out by the Justice Department and FBI.

At Gonzaga College High, a trip to the past yields a troubling portrait.

Though North Korea is outmatched militarily by the United States, the rhetoric raises fears of a confrontation.

He issued an order telling the Education Department to direct $200 million a year to STEM, especially computer science.

Robert Caleb Engle physically subdued the shooter, then held him at gunpoint until police arrived, authorities said.

Last fiscal year, the State Department issued more than 65,000 visas that now would likely fall under the new ban.

The president proved again that divisive provocations can mean something completely different when they come not from a private citizen, but the man whose very job description is to lead the entire country.

Island just off the Puerto Rican coast has been in survival mode since Hurricane Maria hit last week.

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Kavita Krishnaswamy’s progressive illness has her working against the clock.

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The apocalyptic claim has been debunked by scientists and religious experts.

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