Trump disputed her account, characterizing his conversation with Sgt. La David Johnson's widow as “very respectful.”

Sherin Mathews's father claims he sent her alone into an alley when she wouldn't drink her milk.

GOP senators want to hear about tax reform — and much more.

The president has vowed to protect 401(k) plans and insists on lowering the rate for millions of businesses.

Four U.S. soldiers were killed and two others were wounded in the battle Oct. 4.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Steven Staples will depart at the end of the year.

‘I couldn’t make sense out of it,’ said the school’s executive director and founder.

His Cambridge University paper, “Properties of Expanding Universes,” is now open access.

The former White House director said Qatar “had to be called to account.”

Trump had told federal officials to reject the plan.

It appears that the organization has gone into the “fake fact” business.

Army Staff Sgts. Dustin M. Wright, Bryan C. Black and Jeremiah W. Johnson, and Sgt. La David Johnson were killed in action in Niger on Oct. 4.

Classes will be held in 119 institutions in the storm-battered U.S. territory.

The Education Department said many of the documents are outdated and no longer reflect current regulations.

How selective schools stack up on a key measure of economic diversity, and what they say about the data.

Breaking her silence about condolence call, Myeshia Johnson said Trump made her cry, but the president insisted he was “very respectful.”

A popular legend is that Mark Cuban and President Trump were friends that fell out during the 2016 race, but the two have been feuding more than a decade.

A key measure shows the university tripling its share of freshmen with significant financial need.

B-52s have not been on 'strip alerts' since 1991.

PRINCETON, N.J. — Soon after he was accepted into Princeton University, Jack Tait went to a reception for admitted students from the United Kingdom. It was held in St. John’s Wood, an affluent London enclave he rarely visited. There, Tait mingled with students from Eton, Westminster and other elite British schools, the sort of places […]

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