Robots are taking jobs, but it's human decisions that are doing the real damage to industrial workers.

The deal would repeal the controversial measure that has cost the state jobs and millions of dollars.

"How about you show me yours Donald J. Trump?” Argentina-born Arizona State student Belén Sisa wrote after sharing her 1040 form on Facebook.

Cheerios gave away a billion wildflower seeds to customers. But that effort to provide more habitat to save bees was bumbled.

Disturbing details about how the schools are operated.

Islamism may be less of a military challenge and more of an intellectual one.

The bones provide a rare window into the world of the urban poor in the Middle Ages.

As admissions offers roll out and high-school seniors decide where to go to school, a freshman offers advice on choosing, and enjoying, college

The letter is from Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), a former Air Force lawyer and member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

More and more Americans don't believe in any religion. There's a church for that.

Parents don't know what detailed information their children are giving out.

After 29 years on the force, Kevin Bethel realized the school system's zero tolerance policies were doing more harm than good.

It's testing season, and state officials are trying to blunt the opt-out movement.

The number of pedestrians killed by vehicles skyrocketed by 25 percent over 5 years.

The Obama administration required Bahrain to improve its human rights record, but the Trump administration dropped it in a notification to Congress.

FBI director Jim Comey said on March 29 said that most people "are wearing glasses that filter the world according to side."

Justices are considering whether prosecutors withheld important evidence in the Catherine Fuller case.

FBI director Jim Comey spoke on the FBI's role in the intelligence community on March 29.

Advocates say the decision symbolizes a lack of interest in school diversity, a charge the administration denies.

Farmers have long used the chemical compound chlorpyrifos to kill pests on crops, but critics say it poses health risks for children.

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