Republicans, Democrats make their cases during Senate health-care debate

Senators on July 26 took part in several votes and debates on health care a day after Senate Republicans voted to start considering legislation to overhaul the Affordable Care Act.

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Some familiar with the discussions say the president’s anger has peaked and he is now headed toward an uneasy detente.

A Los Angeles Times report about the ex-dean of the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine has shaken the university

Senate Republicans seemed to be coalescing behind a “skinny repeal” that would eliminate some mandates and at least one tax.

Many of the CEOs used the #LetThemServe hashtag, while a Twitter account for Tumblr called the ban "appalling."

The order drew criticism from advocates and both Republican and Democratic lawmakers.

On Aug. 21, Hopkinsville, Ky will take a star turn on the world stage

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Though they wouldn't have recognized the word transgender, hundreds of women dressed as men to fight in the War Between the States. And some lived as men afterwards.

In Virginia, school leaders will vote on renaming J.E.B. Stuart High to Stuart High.

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They are warning the White House that getting rid of the attorney general would be a terrible move.

At least 17 potential witnesses have been identified by federal prosecutors who could seek the death penalty against truck driver James M. Bradley Jr.

Lt. Cmdr. Jane Mundale came out as transgender to the Coast Guard after Obama announced that soldiers could serve openly. Now she's worried for her future.

Randall Stephenson is awaiting word from Trump's Justice Department on his company's proposed $85 billion takeover of Time Warner.

One of the world's largest electronics companies lands in House Speaker Paul D. Ryan's home district

President Trump's tweeted transgender military ban on July 26 drew immediate criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, who were caught unaware by the decision.

President Trump has signaled his intent to ban transgender men and women from serving in the U.S. military. But the path to this point can be traced to the Pentagon's deep institutional resistance to an all-inclusive policy ushered in by the Obama administration.

The Senate on July 26 voted against a Democratic-sponsored motion to send health-care legislation through the committee process.

The central bank said it would begin rolling back its massive balance sheet “relatively soon.”

The project is a step toward building what NASA calls the Deep Space Gateway, a lunar “spaceport” where astronauts would live for up to a year.

The Senate wants negotiations to give Congress more power over sanctions against Pyongyang, while the House wants the Senate to move the bill it passed.

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