The Northern California native was captured months into the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan, a war that has now lasted longer than his incarceration.
The FDA opinion, coming down in support of a designation already in use by industry, does not apply to food safety, only food quality, the agency said.
On a single day in late April, six federal employees at an embattled research agency quit.
A flyer educating parents about measles is displayed at a pediatrics clinic in Greenbrae, Calif. (AP)
A flyer educating parents about measles is displayed at a pediatrics clinic in Greenbrae, Calif. (AP)
Health officials in five states have warned people believed to be infected with measles and planning to travel that they could be prevented from getting on planes.
The Past, Rediscovered
The new Statue of Liberty Museum opening Thursday in New York Harbor revives an aspect of the monument’s long-forgotten history.

"I’m planning on shooting up a public place soon," Christopher Cleary wrote on Facebook. The case tested the courts' ability to balance First Amendment rights with public safety.

A New York designer is using 3-D stamps to replace slave owner Andrew Jackson’s face with the woman who escaped slavery and led hundreds of others to freedom.

Exclusive: Fisher Industries, which claims it can build the barrier faster and cheaper than Army Corps of Engineers, has started work on private section of barrier in New Mexico.

The comments came as U.S. regulators hosted aviation authorities from around the world in Texas to discuss the process for returning the aircraft to the skies.

The aide was previously arrested and let back into the classroom because it's legal for teachers to hit students in Florida.

About two dozen people were hurt in Missouri’s capital; three people were killed across the state, in Golden City.

'If the state of New Jersey were to pass legislation that allowed for the arming of its teachers, I would be concerned for the safety of my children and for the black students of the state."

This month is the 65th anniversary of the ground-breaking Supreme Court school desegregation decision.

The agency warned that just one storm could have devastating impacts for coastal and nearby inland communities.

Government agencies are at an impasse on how to proceed.

More than 50 years after the slave trade was outlawed, the Clotilda brought 110 Africans on the final harrowing journey through the Middle Passage to America. For generations, their descendants would search for the ship that carried them.

Washington state officials described Vernon Gray’s case as a “tragic situation” and admitted that social workers had “dropped the ball here.”

President Trump and his associates have defended the commemoration of a different set of historical figures.

An argument between old friends led to the end of a three-star football prospect's life.

The policy has prompted condemnation and threats of legal action, and critics say it amounts to unlawful and mean-spirited censorship.

Sacramento's police chief justified the use of the device on Wednesday.

The move comes one day after a migrant who had been detained at the McAllen facility died. He was diagnosed with the flu.

A bipartisan investigation alleges the international group took directions from the drugmaker’s marketing and sales strategies.

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