The heat poses a public health threat as temperatures reach or exceed 95 degrees across much of the Lower 48 states.
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Left: Jerry Foxhoven in 2013. ( AP) Right: Tupac Shakur in 1996. (Reuters)
Left: Jerry Foxhoven in 2013. ( AP) Right: Tupac Shakur in 1996. (Reuters)

An Iowa state official and Tupac superfan was fired. He says it wasn’t because of the ‘thug life’ cookies.

Jerry Foxhoven, a self-described "66-year-old white guy" and Tupac devotee, hosted "Tupac Fridays" and celebrated his birthday with Tupac-themed pastries.

Facing financial boycott, W.Va.’s Catholic diocese agrees to hire new auditor and make findings public

The diocese has come under intense scrutiny since the fall, when the Vatican launched a probe into alleged financial and sexual misconduct by leaders including ousted bishop Michael Bransfield.

Alexandria Incontro, 30, of Omaha, pleaded guilty in federal court to climbing Mount Rushmore and was fined $1,000.

Analysis of previously undisclosed DEA data reveals corresponding spikes in deaths and pill shipments at the height of the epidemic.

He ran the American Embassy in Tehran when it was seized by Iranian students in 1979.

A Guatemalan immigrant alleges that an agent at the Texas facility had her watch him masturbate online as she was hoping to have a chance to speak to her son, who was being held there.

The revelation suggests they will not charge Trump Organization executives or others linked to the case.

The United States “will send me to a prison where my name will never be heard again,” the leader of Mexico’s violent Sinaloa Cartel told the judge.

While provisional, the data offer a glimmer of hope that the overdose epidemic may have plateaued.

These exceptional rainstorms appear to be part of a trend toward more extreme events connected to climate change.

A Saturn V rocket display shines on the iconic monument to commemorate the July 1969 moon landing.

A man on a hotel balcony noticed two swimmers in distress, then he saw people spontaneously grab one another's hands, making a chain to try to reach the swimmers.

Students can be gifted at the same time as having a learning disability — but many of them go undiagnosed and don't get the help they need to succeed.

Shaun Gallon, who confessed to killing the Christian camp counselors, "was never the same" after he took too large a dose of LSD in 2001, his attorney said during a Monday sentencing hearing.

These district attorneys have worked to change the system by decriminalizing offenses like marijuana use and fare jumping. Police chiefs say some may be moving too fast.

JT Lewis, a 19-year-old candidate for Connecticut state Senate, bucks the trend of youth advocacy focused on gun control.

An Oklahoma man — the second member of his family to have a wrongful conviction overturned — was released from prison Tuesday after serving 30 years for a murder he did not commit.

The former antitrust lawyer from Chicago became the third-longest-serving justice on the high court before his retirement in 2010

He was a founder of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

In an all-employee meeting Tuesday, senior Trump officials told Bureau of Land Management staffers that most of them must leave Washington by the end of next year, under the Interior Department's reorganization plan.

"This soldier’s behavior and actions are not condoned by the 3rd Infantry Division," a spokesperson said, though it's unclear what disciplinary action he will face.

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