Republicans have agreed on how they plan to give more money to taxpayers, but that's the easy part.

Gonzaga College High’s leader said the past, no matter how painful, shapes the present

As the first FEMA officials arrive, it’s not the help Morovis needs. “Where is the food? Where is the water?”

Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.) announced they would be postponing the vote on the Cassidy-Graham health-care plan on Sept. 26. "We're coming back to this after taxes," Graham promised.

He would not, however, detail how he made contact with WikiLeaks.

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Guajataca Dam was completed in 1927 and is considered a high hazard. Much of Puerto Rico’s dam infrastructure hasn’t been inspected in years.

"Their main goal was they wanted essentially a secure phone booth that couldn't be breached.”

The percentage of home-schooled students hasn't risen for years.

The move preserves the 2010 health-care law, which still faces problems, for the foreseeable future.

'What I've just articulated is the advice I've provided in private, and I've just provided in public.'

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Trump's two home states are also home to most of the Puerto Ricans in the continental United States.

SEC chairman Jay Clayton addressed a Senate committee on Tuesday.

The attorney general, who has sparked controversy over immigration, race and other issues, plans to talk about free speech on college campuses.

Pete the parrot lost his foot after a fox attacked him in Sept. 2016. Vets fitted the 34-year-old parrot with a prosthetic leg. Here are four animals who received prosthetic limbs.

'Hate Crime Help' offers victims through a step-by-step instructions depending on their location and the nature of the crime.

The new map of American prosperity.

The outcome will set the stage for possibly nasty GOP fights next year.

"Yes I said it,” Pennsylvania fire chief Paul Smith said after calling Tomlin a “no good N-----" in a Facebook post.

Proving public corruption has become more difficult since the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of former Virginia governor Robert McDonnell.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said people shouldn't believe the crime statistics “just because it's coming out of the FBI.”

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