The Minneapolis mayor said the cameras failed “when we needed them most” by not being on during the shooting.

Controllable factors such as diet, exercise, hypertension and education can cut dementia risk.

Kobach's championing of Crosscheck is one reason many voting rights advocates are concerned that President Trump's voter fraud commission may be a vehicle for recommending mass voter purges.

The education secretary was talking to a powerful conservative group. Here's what she said.

“This drives the big-government folks nuts,” the education secretary said at the annual meeting of ALEC.

Philip D. Pulaski, a clinical neurologist at The Neurology Center in Washington, describes the effects of the kind of brain tumor that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has been diagnosed with.

Slashing the Energy Department’s budget exemplifies the administration’s assault on the government’s role in promoting scientific research.

Struggling to beat Amazon, Sears decides to join it

The panel’s chairman said subpoenas for both, plus one other witness, have been approved if they do not respond to the committee’s invitation by close of business Friday.

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Meanwhile, a critic: “The whole family would shake hands with the devil for $10 and an hour of TV time.”

On the morning after the shocking announcement of his illness, the Arizona Republican also criticized President Trump’s moves in Syria.

President Trump turned on his longtime surrogate Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other members of the Justice Department over the ongoing Russia investigation, and Sessions's recusal from it.

Wade Seago, who runs a taxidermy business, said he fatally shot the hog — which weighed 820 pounds and had 6-inch “cutters.”

Lion guardians at Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park said Xanda was taken by a trophy hunter two years after his beloved father was killed in the same area.

The famed former defense attorney has almost nothing left, but he still thinks O.J. Simpson is innocent.

Thirty years ago, they made just 59 times more, according to a new report

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has spoken out against bigotry and injustice during his more than 30 years in the Senate.

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ relationship has deteriorated since Trump became president. Here’s a look at how they got to this point.

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Like his late friend, McCain became a master of the Senate who could reach across the aisle and stand up to his own president.

Congressional budget analysts score another version of Senate Republicans’ attempts to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.

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