The Department of Health and Human Services it would let a South Carolina group participate in the federally funded foster-care program.
James H. Jackson, 30, told detectives he’d traveled to New York “for the purpose of killing black men,” a criminal complaint revealed. He faces life in prison.
Omaha elder Nathan Phillips, right, and high school student Nick Sandmann. (Reuters)
Omaha elder Nathan Phillips, right, and high school student Nick Sandmann. (Reuters)
It’s hard to think of another recent incident that has metastasized so quickly and been interpreted so disparately.

Police say a man burglarized the family's home while they were away and told investigators that if he couldn't rid of the family himself, then President Trump would.

Some of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s problems stemming from the shutdown are self-inflicted.

Hormel Foods, the company that owns the turkey plant where the girl's parents worked, said it would award Jayme the funds it had pledged for information leading to her safe return.

Donald Galleck, 29, could potentially face life in prison if convicted.

Students under the diocese have been criticized for their behavior during a confrontation with a Native American man in the District last week.

Arrest of English-language PressTV news presenter on ‘material witness’ warrant sparked protest from Iran’s foreign minister.

Thirty Democrats, including Reps. Wexton and Spanberger, signed a letter written by the freshman Democrat

Some cast doubt on reported drone sightings that shut down air traffic at the airport Tuesday.

The relief efforts cover everything from emergency kitchens to a website where you can buy a furloughed employee a beer.

Catholicism came to indigenous communities through colonization. Today, as many as 25 percent of Native Americans identify with the religion.

As temperatures hovered in the single digits, a Connecticut woman photographed three funnels in different stages of development.

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Government workers and unions say they want Congress to reopen the government while talks of border security continue.

Metro officials want to look at congestion tolling, charging motorists by the mile and other strategies to raise money for mass transit before the 2028 Olympics, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Questions about his military history arose as he shared his story following the viral video of his encounter with Catholic school boys on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

A political impasse is reverberating into the cosmos as observatories prepare to power down. At least one could stop operations because of a shutdown for the first time ever.

They make far less at the top of the pay scale than do colleagues, including speech pathologists in New York City, and their working conditions, they say, are unacceptable for children.

The outspoken Ohio sheriff who has weighed in on pressing social issues has a new message of unity.

Debt, nonstop stress and social media attacks are the main reasons some take their own lives.

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The interactive, multimedia performance provides a sonic exploration of an arachnid’s silken creation.

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