Entire neighborhoods are blanketed in murky water, the waves in some cases reaching near the first-floor windows. Tops of buildings were sliced open, their top-floor rooms visible like dollhouses.

Trump’s Huntsville speech in 3 minutes

President Trump spoke on a variety of topics at a Sept. 22 rally in Huntsville, Ala., where he was campaigning for Sen. Luther Strange.

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Puerto Ricans struggle to clean up after ‘monster’ hurricane

Jose Barreto and Angela Garcia were cleaning up their home in Canóvanas, Puerto Rico on Sept. 22 after Hurricane Maria.

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Schedule shows frequent meetings with industry -- but few with environmental or public health groups

Homeland Security officials informed 21 states that they had been targeted.

Four Texans try to bridge the divide.

Muslims and anti-sharia activists meet, armed, at a Dairy Queen to talk fears about America’s future

Life Lynn DeKlyen was born six days before her mother was buried. The infant died Wednesday, according to her family.

Some complain that the retired general’s style stifles Trump’s spontaneity — and cuts him off from his base.

Several U.S. presidents have felt the full fury of Pyongyang’s thesaurus.

Republican negotiators are also expected to include “full expensing” in tax overhaul — but only for five years.

The Treasury secretary’s quick trip aboard an Air Force jet joins a series of controversial taxpayer-funded flights.

With John McCain and Rand Paul both at no, Senate Republicans cannot afford to lose any more votes.

Speakers debate whether a controversial event at the University of California at Berkeley is canceled or proceeding full steam ahead, and a student group filed a complaint against the university with the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Post's Michael Scherer followed former Alabama chief justice and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore in the final days of his campaign against Sen. Luther Strange (R). Here's a look into the controversial race.

A voice from a radio program bled through during a regular test of the Emergency Alert System.

Justices will consider whether Wisconsin’s redistricting map violates the Constitution.

In what is historically the worst month for stocks, September has seen the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index rise 1.2 percent, poised for its sixth monthly gain.

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The next front in the grocery home-delivery race: getting inside your house.

Action gives schools new flexibility on how to weigh evidence in sexual misconduct cases.

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