The conference opened with the Vatican’s insistence that the body delay a vote on reform measures until a major synod in the winter.
Jemel Roberson was an armed security guard at a bar near Chicago when he tried to stop a “bad guy with a gun.” He was fatally shot by a police officer.
A county sheriff’s office has been tasked with picking up the slack for the town of 1,600 people.
Smoke and haze from wildfires behind Alcatraz Island obscure the San Francisco skyline on Wednesday. (AP)
Smoke and haze from wildfires behind Alcatraz Island obscure the San Francisco skyline on Wednesday. (AP)
The Camp Fire roaring through Northern California has left a stagnant plume of smoke over cities more than 100 miles away, causing stores to sell out of respirator masks and sending some of the state’s most vulnerable to the hospital.
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Victims seek the names of all Catholic clergy involved in abuse nationwide, and a class-action suit accuses the church of racketeering and conspiracy.

As Republicans and Democrats spar over which ballots should count in unresolved elections, many disputes have centered on whether ballot signatures match voter records.

After an afternoon of arguments Wednesday, the judge is set to make his decision Thursday.

Controversial regulation governing campus investigations set for release in coming days.

National Park Service officials say GPS collars show 10 of 13 cougars they track in the Los Angeles region are alive but may be injured. The others are unaccounted for.

Even indoor high school sporting events are being canceled because gymnasiums can't filter the smoky air.

We explain snow, sleet, freezing rain and how they are alike and different.

Medical professionals continue to enter the gun policy debate, this time aiming to bridge the political gap, amid a torrent of American mass shootings.

The 20-year-old charged in the February massacre at a Parkland, Fla., high school repeatedly hit a deputy, officials said.

Long Island City, the New York neighborhood where Amazon plans to expand, has been changing from a working-class area to a gentrified hot spot for the past decade. HQ2 will accelerate that trend, sparking concerns from business owners and residents.

Commission evaluating defense strategy warns United States “might struggle to win, or perhaps lose, a war against China or Russia.”

Milwaukee City Engineer Jeff Polenske said "apparently the girl was obviously very upset and crying — something that none of us would like to have happen to any of our children.”

Scott Gottlieb rebuked his "former friends in the libertarian community."

"The more I stood out there to greet the kids, the more they responded,” said Wally Richardson, 95. “And when they started memorizing my Wallyisms, I knew that it was worth it. They were taking it to heart."

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A judge has ordered Amazon to turn over any recordings an Echo device may have made the day two women were killed.

Fifty years ago, on Nov. 14, 1968, Yale announced it would become co-ed. The first women to enroll would change the school forever.

The study shows one way marketing messages on over-the-counter medicines could be misleading consumers.

“Ninety-five percent of the town is gone,” Paradise council member Michael Zuccolillo said.

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