The head of a $30 million culinary empire in the D.C. area is being sued by a former top manager, who claims that she experienced verbal abuse and that she was touched without her permission.
The discounts, which offered up to 10 percent off tickets, were discontinued earlier this year as part of a shift in strategy for the passenger rail service as it attempts to mirror pricing strategies used in other modes of transportation.
An aerospace engineer insists the plan is theoretical. It sounds like a movie script.
Susan Pompeo, center, watches at her husband's swearing-in as CIA director on Jan. 23, 2017. (Ron Sachs/Bloomberg)
Susan Pompeo, center, watches at her husband's swearing-in as CIA director on Jan. 23, 2017. (Ron Sachs/Bloomberg)
Pompeo, wife of CIA Director Mike Pompeo, is a volunteer at the organization but has taken an unusually active and prominent role, including the use of office space and a support staff of CIA employees.
Hospital staff and their lawyer say the older of the Turpin children, freed from disturbing conditions in their Southern California home in January and now at a rural house in an undisclosed location, are on the road to recovery.

Florida school shooter's brother arrested for allegedly trespassing at Parkland high school.

'There is no reason for North Korea to view them as a provocation,' a Pentagon official said.

Uber halted use of its self-driving vehicles across the United States after a woman was fatally struck by an autonomous car in Tempe, Ariz. It was the first known pedestrian fatality involving a driverless car. The company said the moratorium on testing includes San Francisco, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Toronto.

Louis the gorilla tends to walk upright to avoid mud — and to protect his snacks, according to the Philadelphia Zoo.

Authorities said they believe the bomber is more skilled than investigators initially realized.

Although the college search occupies nearly a year in the life of a high school senior, and even longer for some, the decision often comes down to these frantic weeks in the spring.

Florida International University reopened Monday, days after a pedestrian bridge being installed fell onto a busy roadway and killed six people

The warming Arctic could unleash larger-than-expected quantities of methane, a study asserts.

The driver, identified by authorities as 26-year-old Ranjan Thapa, has been charged with rape.

The president's budget proposes cuts as high as nearly $52 billion to transit-oriented grant programs and rail systems like Amtrak and the D.C. Metro.

St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Maryland is one of more than 125 independent schools to take out a full-page ad on the subject.

Among them, sometimes drugs can cheaper if you don’t use insurance. You need to ask.

Lawmakers demand that the tech giant explain how a data analytics firm that worked for President Trump’s campaign obtained names, “likes” and other personal information on 50 million people.

Warm spring weather left us after February and didn't look back.

Neighbors called him “the hermit on the hill,” but history would forever remember his real name: Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski, the Unabomber.

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