Trump talked with "quite a few" people at the unscheduled event, according to the White House.

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A powerful Pacific storm heads to an already-soaked region.

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The former secretary of state will teach under a new initiative.

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After celebrating Trump’s win, his supporters are quickly back on the defensive.

Laredo, Tex., and sister city Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, party for George Washington’s Birthday as the discussion of a border wall and tighter immigration policies looms.

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The school enrolls 135 students with severe physical and intellectual needs.

Lower courts have said constitutional rights stop at the border, and parents may not sue agent

D.C. public school focuses on the success of black and Latino students.

Rep. Josh Gottheimer took questions from a crowd of 250 at a diner in northern New Jersey on Sunday morning.

KIPP DC schools has reduced its hours thanks to a competitive market for the best teachers.

If the mission of the vice president’s trip abroad was clear, his role was anything but.

Defense Dept. scales up its Hacking for Defense program at more than a dozen universities.

The demonstration was a small-scale version of a much larger March for Science planned in April.

Democratic appointee Ann Ravel is leaving a few months before the end of her term.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and lawmakers of both political parties weigh in on President Trump’s Feb. 17 tweet calling several news outlets “the enemy of the American People.”

We must simply put our heads down and do our jobs. We aren’t the story. The story is the story.

They say Zealandia meets all the definitions of a continent: a huge, coherent mass that sits above and is distinct from the ocean crust.

Here is a look at who is moving where in the region’s job market.

“I don't have any issues with the press myself,” Mattis said.

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