Come fall 2020, every U.S. traveler will need to present a Real ID-compliant license, or another acceptable form of identification such as a passport, to get on a domestic flight.
The case appeared to turn on a note police said the suspect left for another school employee in a filing cabinet.

The family is suing for $10 million.

The retailer said the outage was “an internal technology issue" and was not caused by a data breach or security-related problem.

Abdelhaleem Ashqar was flown to Israel by ICE only to be turned around and brought back to the United States on the order of a federal judge. Now he’s been conditionally released.

In Q&A format, “Antibiotics: What Everyone Needs to Know” is ideal for those seeking a quick reference or in-depth information.

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The former Trump national security adviser could testify at the July federal trial in Alexandria.

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When my parents divorced, the family was split up: My mother took custody of my brother and sister, while my other brother and I lived with our dad about six blocks away.

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Brandon Webber was killed as U.S. marshals tried to arrest him on suspicion of stealing a car and killing its owner.

Officials effectively rebooted a criminal investigation that began in 2016.

“We want to hire young men and women with disabilities who want to work and be included equally in society.”

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Analysts say each of 50 Varsity Blues defendants has unique circumstances.

After a year of scandal, some disheartened believers say the new rules don’t go far enough.

But Joe Crain, the rebellious meteorologist in Springfield, Ill., has many people fighting for him.

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There isn’t solid evidence hail has increased due to climate change, although scientists say it could grow bigger in the future.

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Gabby's mother posted a Facebook video asking if anyone would step up to be her daughter's prom date. "I need someone special who is willing to take me, because I have some special needs," her mother said on behalf of Gabby, who is nonverbal.

Here’s why — and what they want to change.

Some day, trains may run without engineers, and the administration doesn’t want rules that restrict that option.

Kendrell Lavar Lyles, 34, has been charged with murder in the death of Muhlaysia Booker, a transgender woman killed in May.

The city council in Waskom, Tex., voted unanimously to outlaw abortion, commandeering the language of the movement for immigrant rights to counter the reproductive freedom of women.

It was not the agent's first encounter with a Park Police officer. The agent had assisted in arresting one of them outside a Washington bar in 2009, court records show.

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