Two of the country’s largest e-scooter companies have been accused of gross negligence and a series of assaults stemming from hit-and-run incidents involving pedestrians, according to a class-action lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
Should a winner choose to take a one-time lump sum payment instead of annual payouts over 30 years, the cash payout would be about $905 million, according to officials.
Police will work with the FBI to find out why anyone would have hoarded dozens of bodies.
Delta Rae includes Brittany Hölljes, third from left, who wrote an essay after the hearings on Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. (Shervin Lainez)
Delta Rae includes Brittany Hölljes, third from left, who wrote an essay after the hearings on Brett M. Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. (Shervin Lainez)
Nashville is a small town. And when gatekeepers are slow to change, some musicians are delivering their own message.
Surveillance video shows Lakeland City Commissioner Michael Dunn shooting an alleged shoplifter at a military surplus store on Oct. 3.

However, Congress is out of session until after the midterm elections.

State Republicans, big backers of “school choice,” forced to play defense in fall campaigns.

A study combined the drug with chemotherapy, but benefits were small.

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Republican Sen. Dean Heller once said he “vehemently” opposed President Trump’s bid. Now, Heller praises the president.

To voters in three districts narrowly won by the president in 2016, it’s Trump’s name on the ballot in November.

The schools are fixtures in small-town America, and their demise marks the decline of vibrant communities.

According to a 19-page plea agreement filed Thursday afternoon, Greg Stephen’s years-long string of activities included posing online as teenage girls to coerce boys to send him explicit images.

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Government says plan will reduce paperwork and give doctors more time with patients.

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Tuesday's mind-boggling Mega Millions jackpot will draw players hoping to score the largest lottery jackpot in history.

A seasoned pediatrician’s unexpected diagnosis proves a turning point for 10-year-old and his family.

The response was immediate — and incendiary — when people learned that students at the University of Southern Maine had been offered course credit if they joined a bus full of people planning to prote...

At a campaign rally in Arizona, the president calls the caravan of people collecting at Mexico’s southern border “bad people.”

Bill Walker, the nation's only governor who doesn't belong to a political party, was dogged by low approval ratings.

Confidential records of 75,000 customers were compromised, administration announced

The president at one point proposed shutting down the entire 1,954-mile border, including shuttering ports of entry and blocking trade flows.

Suzanne Israel Tufts, a senior official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, resigned Friday from the federal government, according to administration officials.

The university gynecologist has been accused of sexual misconduct by hundreds of current and former students.

President Trump is demanding that the migrants be stopped.

Officials said Russia, China and Iran are attempting to “influence public sentiment” in advance of 2018 and 2020 polls.

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