"Our responsibility as educators is to prepare children to thrive a world in which they are expected to understand and face these issues when the stakes are high."

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Bush condemns the Trumpism that Republicans seem to feel is important to win elections.

Eight former members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission — including five former chairmen — have filed a letter with the commission in opposition of Rick Perry's plan.

The online retailer brought jobs and tax dollars but also aggravated growth pains.

With police and barricades, road closures and warnings, the University of Florida braced for Thursday's speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said the 17-year-old may go to an abortion clinic Thursday for pre-abortion counseling but cannot proceed before it rules on the case.

10 Army officials trained to prevent sexual assault are accused of committing it.

America’s favorite beverage is under attack from climate change and other woes. Science may offer a solution.

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A history of the military's “death gratuity."

More than $80,000 has already been raised through Philando Feeds the Children.

"For some dogs,” the agency explained in a series of tweets, “this just isn't the job they are meant for.”

Such adverse childhood experiences, known as ACES, can lead to physical and mental illness and other problems throughout life. The survey included all 50 states.

“When you get married, everyone comes with you. This is what marriage is about."

In a tweet, the president asks whether Russia, FBI or Democrats were involved in helping fund the document.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Oct. 17 laid out the Democrats' opposition to the Republican budget.

Paul Lowenthal, a firefighter for the Santa Rosa Fire Department, was helping others evacuate the Tubbs Fire while his own home burned down.

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, commonly known as broken-heart syndrome, typically follows an emotionally stressful event such as the loss of a loved one.

ICM Partners, one of the world’s largest talent agencies, and other firms have told staffers to speak up if a boss harasses them or others.

Incentives to hide bad behavior abound in the image-conscious worlds of Washington and Hollywood.

Long before #MeToo hashtags, a 19-year-old slave faced the death penalty for the murder of her owner, who had been assaulting her for years.

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