Pregnant women are urged to postpone non-urgent travel to Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines, Thailand, East Timor and Vietnam.

Positive train control that could have slowed the train it before it entered the station was not installed.

The Justice Department Inspector General said the agency mismanaged its use of sources.

A coalition of conservation groups won protection for the animals from landowners who want to remove or shoot red wolves.

Donald Trump regularly attacks Bill Clinton over his past sex scandals, but it turns out Trump had some harsh words for one of Clinton's accusers in the past.

Virginia recorded its highest graduation rate; Northern Virginia remains steady.

When Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke about Chicago gun violence at a rally in Bedford, N.H. Sept. 29, a member of the crowd yelled, "Yes, we can." Trump laughed saying, "That can only happen in New Hampshire."

Speaking at a rally in Bedford, N.H. Sept. 29, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused rival Hillary Clinton of trading speaking fees for access as secretary of state.

The country's third-largest school district went on strike in 2012 for a week, and again in April for a day.

As OPEC struggles, Saudi Arabia and U.S. shale drillers eye prices and vie for market share

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a rally in Des Moines Sept. 29, the first day Iowa residents could vote early in the general election.

Speaking at a Des Moines rally Sept. 29, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton slammed opponent Donald Trump for what he has said about his tax payments.

Speaking in Des Moines, Sept. 29, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said she wanted “to send our thoughts and prayers” after a deadly train crash in Hoboken, N.J.

Bumblebees that have been primed with a sweet treat are more likely to behave like they believe the best in the world.

An East Tennessee State University student was charged with civil rights intimidation after attempt to disrupt campus event.

‘We can become the energy dominant country in the world,’ one adviser said.

He says it makes him ‘smart’ — but it’s one more example of why he’s unfit to lead

Mistakes were made — but not just by one guy on a rig.

Democrats hope to retake the Senate in November, but they'll need to flip at least four seats to do it.

The gap between political discourse in the United States, and what top climate scientists are actually worrying about, is staggering.

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