Right-to-die measure going to governor

California lawmakers have given final approval to a bill that would allow terminally ill patients to legally end their lives.

The measure faces an uncertain future with Gov. Jerry Brown (D), a former seminarian who has not said whether he’ll sign it.

Senators approved the bill on a 23-to-14 vote after an emotional debate Friday, the legislative session’s final day. The State Assembly passed it earlier this week.

The measure to allow doctors to prescribe life-ending medication succeeded on its second attempt after the heavily publicized case of Brittany Maynard. The 29-year-old California woman with brain cancer moved to Oregon to legally take her life.

Her relatives watched the debate from the Senate floor.

— Associated Press

2 lawmakers out over extramarital affair

One socially conservative Michigan lawmaker was expelled from office and another resigned early Friday after they outraged the legislature with an extramarital affair and a botched attempt to conceal it with a fictional, sexually explicit e-mail.

Rep. Cindy Gamrat (R) became the fourth legislator to be kicked out in state history shortly after 4 a.m. An hour earlier, Rep. Todd Courser (R) resigned, effective immediately, when it became clear that majority Republicans had secured enough support from Democrats for his expulsion by promising to ask the attorney general and state police to investigate the lawmakers.

— Associated Press

Mistrial in case of police officer, Indian

A judge declared a mistrial Friday in the case of an Alabama police officer who slammed an Indian man to the ground. Jurors failed to break an impasse despite her insistence that they keep trying.

Ex-Madison police officer Eric Parker is charged with violating the civil rights of Sureshbhai Patel when he slammed him to the ground during an investigation of a suspicious person in February.

Parker has said that Patel, 58, resisted officers multiple times and that he took the man to the ground out of concern for his safety and that of a second officer at the scene.

Patel has denied resisting and, through an interpreter, said he didn’t understand Parker because he doesn’t speak English.

— Associated Press