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Harvey still a hurricane at 11 a.m., forward motion has slowed to a crawl

The National Hurricane Center’s 11 a.m. report said Harvey was still holding onto hurricane status, with peak winds of 75 mph. Importantly, its forward motion had essentially stopped. The storm is presently drifting to the north at a mere 2 mph. This means torrential rain is set to drench many of the same locations for hours and days and the feared flood catastrophe may be about to begin.

(National Hurricane Center)

Harvey may be reclassified as a tropical storm this afternoon, but the most dangerous chapter of this storm is only beginning. Keep up with the latest reports and forecasts at Capital Weather Gang.

Hurricane Harvey updates: Texas hit by powerful storm, heavy rain

Hurricane Harvey is on track to be the strongest storm to strike the United States in 12 years. It’s forecast to make landfall on the Texas coast late Friday or early Saturday. Follow along for updates on preparations, evacuations and forecasts.

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