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How Austin is preparing for Hurricane Harvey

AUSTIN — Austin was bracing for Harvey Friday afternoon even as skies briefly cleared after wind and rain swept through the Texas capital. At an H-E-B grocery store northeast of downtown, lines snaked around the store as residents filled up with water—and a lot of beer.

Residents have been warned to expect heavy rainfall and high wind throughout the weekend.

At the University of Texas at Austin, the pace of “Mooov-In,” the official weekend for students to move into campus residences, has accelerated. Thousands of students hurriedly carried their belongings to their rooms Friday as many of their parents headed straight back to homes in Houston and Louisiana, hoping to beat Hurricane Harvey there. The University of Texas expects two-thirds of “Mooov-In” residents to be checked in by this evening.

Austin has opened up two shelters for evacuees with a capacity for 1,000 people and could open more if those shelters fill. As of Friday afternoon, nearly 100 gulf coast evacuees had started to trickle into Austin. The Central Texas Red Cross has issued an urgent need for volunteers in anticipation of swelling shelters.

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Hurricane Harvey updates: Texas hit by powerful storm, heavy rain

Hurricane Harvey is on track to be the strongest storm to strike the United States in 12 years. It’s forecast to make landfall on the Texas coast late Friday or early Saturday. Follow along for updates on preparations, evacuations and forecasts.

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