The recently discovered drug blocks the protein that causes Huntington's disease, a condition that is sometimes compared to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS rolled into one.
Astronomers in Hawaii say the cylindrical, quarter-mile long object is an asteroid. But some scientists have not yet ruled out more extraordinary origins. In either case, all eyes will be on this space oddity zipping through our solar system.
Demetra Ashley, acting assistant DEA administrator, testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Melina Mara/The Post)
Demetra Ashley, acting assistant DEA administrator, testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee. (Melina Mara/The Post)
A Senate committee is looking into whether to repeal the law that curbed the DEA’s powers to go after drug companies that do not report suspicious orders of prescription painkillers from pharmacies. The effort behind the law was highlighted in October by The Washington Post and “60 Minutes.”

A program designed to enlist skilled immigrants has struggled for months to muster in new troops after it was suspended last December.

A celebrity-backed proposal urges the city's shelter system to switch to a plant-based diet for pooches.

House Republicans are pressing on with a sweeping overhaul of a federal law that governs almost every aspect of higher education, without any hearings and despite mounting pressure to give stakeholders more time for analysis and input.

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Why is California experiencing historic wildfires? Its climate features Diablo winds, Santa Ana gusts and drought-dried vegetation waiting to burn.

The agency watchdog is urging the Office of Federal Student Aid to take action on the tens of thousands of debt forgiveness applications languishing at the department.

If climate change is a fiery coal mine disaster, then Barrow is our canary.

Decades before Dowd began defending the president, he mounted a sustained crusade against Rose that got him banned from baseball.

“I wept because I felt the blows, I felt the bullets, I felt the tears,’’ speaker Myrlie Evers, the 84-year-old widow of slain NAACP member Medgar Evers, told the crowd gathered outside the museum in the snowy courtyard for opening ceremonies.

Recent allegations of sexual misconduct raise the question: What should you do if you witness someone being sexually harassed?

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The document appears to contradict some Trump administration statements on climate change.

“Under any circumstance is it acceptable to threaten harm to our students — not as a teaching tool, not as venting frustration, not as a joke,” School District 27J Superintendent Chris Fiedler said.

A college official makes the case for tracking student behavior to watch for signs that might indicate academic trouble.

The Alexandria, Va., native is on trial, accused of backing the Islamic State.

Experts debate the health effects of diet soda and its possible role in stroke, dementia and weight gain.

A new poll reveals it's more complicated than it might appear.

Brooke Crews has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder. Her boyfriend, William Hoehn, still faces charges in the death of Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has now tapped his fourth leader of the Chicago school district.

Jenkins had been living in Japan with his wife since he was released in 2004.

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