5 missing in Iowa apartment collapse amid fears that some are trapped

While the cause is unknown, a commercial tenant of the Davenport, Iowa, apartment building said residents knew there were problems: ‘The tenants told us the building was going to collapse’

By Kim BellwareMay 30, 2023

Highway sign hacked with white supremacist messages on Memorial Day

A sign along I-65 in Alabama said "Reclaim America" and “Patriot Front US,” referencing the white supremacist group involved in the 2017 Charlottesville rally.

By Timothy BellaMay 30, 2023

Can you spell determination? He’s back at the Bee for try No. 6.

Fourteen-year-old Akash Vukoti of Texas, who has been spelling since he was (literally) in diapers, is setting a record at the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

By Tara BahrampourMay 30, 2023

Two inmates escaped prison. One was found dead in the Ohio River.

The body of Bradley Gillespie was found floating in the Ohio River — putting an end to a five-day, three-state manhunt that pulled in 16 agencies.

By María Luisa PaúlMay 30, 2023

Centuries later, Connecticut expunges crimes of accused witches

On Thursday, Connecticut’s Senate passed a resolution absolving dozens of residents convicted and executed for the crime of witchcraft in the 1600s.

By Kyle MelnickMay 30, 2023

The U.S. created a Memorial Day moment of silence. Here’s what to know.

The National Moment of Remembrance asks that Americans pause their Memorial Day fun for 60 seconds at 3 p.m. to celebrate the nation's fallen soldiers.

By Ben Brasch and Brittany ShammasMay 29, 2023

Biden, McCarthy turn to selling debt ceiling deal to restive Congress

House GOP and Democratic leaders must overcome numerous hurdles as they assess whether they have enough votes to push through a debt ceiling compromise bill.

By Marianna Sotomayor, Jeff Stein, Azi Paybarah and Tobi RajiMay 28, 2023
Inspired LifePerspective

I quit social media in college. This is how my life changed.

For me, the bad parts of social media were outweighing the good, by a lot.

By Jenna BloomMay 28, 2023

Biden, McCarthy reach ‘agreement in principle’ to raise debt ceiling as default looms

Congress still has to pass the agreement. Otherwise, the U.S. government could run out of cash on June 5.

By Tony Romm, Theodoric Meyer, Leigh Ann Caldwell and Marianna SotomayorMay 27, 2023

Texas House impeaches Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton

The attorney general has been a fierce critic of President Biden, particularly on cultural issues, and a loyal ally to former president Donald Trump.

By Molly Hennessy-FiskeMay 27, 2023

Police agencies are desperate to hire. But they say few want the job.

Police departments across the U.S. are struggling to fill their ranks, creating what many officials say is a staffing emergency that threatens public safety.

By Robert KlemkoMay 27, 2023

Want to own a historic lighthouse? Watch out for ghosts.

The U.S. government is making a record number of lighthouses available to the public, some through auction. Some date back centuries, with colorful histories.

By Andrew JeongMay 27, 2023
The Washington Post

Israeli agents conducted raid against militants in civilian area, killing a child

A 3D reconstruction by The Washington Post of a March 16 raid captures the increasingly deadly tactics used by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank.

By Imogen Piper, Meg Kelly and Louisa LoveluckMay 26, 2023

More Oath Keepers convicted with Rhodes for Jan. 6 attack are sentenced

Army veterans Jessica Watkins and Kenneth Harrelson brought weapons to Virginia before marching into the Capitol in 2021, but were acquitted of seditious conspiracy.

By Spencer S. HsuMay 26, 2023

Indiana board fines doctor for discussing rape victim’s abortion

Indiana's medical licensing board reprimanded OB/GYN Caitlin Bernard and ordered her to pay a $3,000 fine for discussing a 10-year-old's abortion with a reporter.

By Kim Bellware and Dan Rosenzweig-ZiffMay 26, 2023

Texas House to vote Saturday on impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton

Paxton (R) is a fierce opponent of the Biden administration and an architect of conservative Texas policies on cultural issues adopted by other GOP states.

By Molly Hennessy-FiskeMay 26, 2023

A woman was fired on maternity leave. Her ex-employer will pay $113K.

The retailer Gabe's agreed to pay $113,500 to resolve her complaint, four years after she lost her job.

By Justine McDanielMay 26, 2023

Man who spent 33 years in prison is exonerated of attempted murder

Daniel Saldana, 55, was exonerated Thursday after uncovered evidence from a 2017 California parole hearing found that he was not at the scene of a 1989 shooting.

By Timothy BellaMay 26, 2023

U.S. judge upholds gun ban for those on probation for misdemeanors

The ruling is one of first to uphold the government’s ability to disarm defendants on probation for minor offenses after the Supreme Court set a new constitutional standard for gun laws.

By Spencer S. HsuMay 26, 2023

Brazilian lawmakers file complaint against Google for ‘Slavery Simulator’ game

A game available on Google Play had users sell, buy and punish enslaved people. Now, it's at the center of a federal probe in Brazil.

By María Luisa PaúlMay 26, 2023