Amber Guyger was already facing manslaughter charges, but the Dallas Police Department had not taken disciplinary action until Monday’s firing.
On Leadership
A new survey by Pew Research Center finds women tend to score better than men on a list of leadership traits. Despite the votes of confidence in their qualities, women increasingly doubt voters are ready to elect them.
Paul Schweitzer, 79, at his Manhattan store Gramercy Typewriter Co. (Jin Schweitzer)
Paul Schweitzer, 79, at his Manhattan store Gramercy Typewriter Co. (Jin Schweitzer)
Vintage typewriters are making a comeback. Sales have skyrocketed to about 60 a month for Gramercy Typewriter Co., with millennials steadily buying the machines and bringing them in for repair. Owner Paul Schweitzer lugs a physician’s bag brimming with tools of his trade to make emergency calls.
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In the wake of sexual-assault allegations from decades ago that recently became public, students protested Yale graduate Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

State officials have called the case “very disturbing” but insisted that the judge and prosecutor were constrained by Alaska law.

Rivers in the region are finally cresting and engulfing entire communities.

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The voting program is working at Northwestern University, where new students are greeted by peers who talk to them about registering to vote and options for accessing ballots.

Local, state and federal authorities are searching for Maddox Ritch, a 6-year-old boy who has autism and went missing in Gastonia, N.C.

Defense secretary’s senior aide is cleared after three-year federal investigation.

Tammie Hedges, who took in 27 cats and dogs during the storm, is facing a dozen misdemeanor charges.

This is a full moon that likes to linger low in the sky.

Unintentional shaking often causes alarm.

Two tiny robotic explorers took their first cautious “hops” — the first movements made by any human-made spacecraft across the surface of an asteroid.

The White House announcement followed a morning of speculation that Rosenstein was resigning or being fired.

Moisture from Hurricane Florence rotated back into the Atlantic and is taking aim at the East Coast again.

The agency has been moving away from a consuming emphasis on terrorism.

A few patients paralyzed by spinal cord injuries had an electrical stimulator implanted and underwent intensive physical therapy. They're taking their first steps in years.

New crime stats suggest slight decreases in murder, violent crime and burglary, while rapes rose.

The Rev. David Boase admitted to USCIS that he once voted by mistake 12 years ago — costing him a shot at citizenship and resulting in deportation.

Dana Thomas Byrd stopped to see whether the man was dead, then took off in his car, authorities said.

Residents described a "horrible decaying flesh smell," and firefighters tried to use a hose to clear the road.

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