The 1692 Salem witch trials, which ended with 20 executions, became a metaphor for hysteria of all kinds. The phrase 'witch hunt' is now a part of the American political lexicon.

He's said to be a contender for health and human sServices secretary, the post abruptly vacated by Tom Price.

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One organization is changing its name to “Giffords” after the congresswoman who was seriously wounded in 2011.

White House aides see the constant battles as a central part of his appeal.

A profile in the New Yorker titled, “The Danger of President Pence,” examines the political ideology of Vice President Pence and his differences with President Trump.

He was arrested in July after police found a tractor-trailer near a Walmart in San Antonio where they discovered 39 undocumented immigrants, eight of whom had already died in the trailer.

The United States has historically targeted al-Qaeda in the civil war-racked nation.

Bombardier announced Airbus will acquire a majority stake in its C-series aircraft.

The white-nationalist leader plans to speak at a university on Thursday.

The data on gun violence is complicated and specific to each city or state's particular complexities making over arching statements dangerous.

The president is backing a sitting governor who faces an insurgent challenge in the GOP primary.

The president’s comments came as Democrats reacted sharply to the report that found the lawmaker helped steer legislation that made it harder for the government to take some enforcement actions against giant drug companies.

Pieces weighing up to 220 pounds could make it to the Earth's surface.

“The magnitude of this attack caught everybody by surprise,” a State Department official says.

The legal challenge involves a dispute between the company and the federal government over data kept on servers in Ireland.

The move comes as owners are caught between players protesting racial inequality and a president demanding that people stand during the song.

As they snake along sidewalks, the kids play I-Spy, Simon Says and sing songs.

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Lees Corner Elementary leads 32-school drive to raise $13,400 for Hurricane Harvey recovery.

Georgetown University forum seeks help for immigrants who arrived as children.

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