Phoenix police must log when they point guns at people after department led nation in shootings

The department, which recorded a nationwide high of 44 police shootings in 2018, had pledged earlier in the year to reduce incidents that brought community relations to a boil.

Oregon officials request criminal investigation into newspaper reporters over after-hours phone calls, emails

Malheur County Sheriff Brian E. Wolfe told the news organization that his office had not yet decided whether to begin an investigation, but he pointed the paper to Oregon’s “telephonic harassment” criminal statute for its review.

‘Stop me if you can’: Teen arrested for allegedly threatening ‘slaughter’ at abortion clinic

Farhan Sheikh, 19, told federal agents in Chicago that he had posted a "joke" to the meme sharing platform, iFunny.
A sead catfish floats along the bank of the Burns Ditch in Portage, Ind. (The Times/AP)
A sead catfish floats along the bank of the Burns Ditch in Portage, Ind. (The Times/AP)

Cyanide from a steel plant trickled into Lake Michigan for days before the public was notified

Thousands of fish have died over the past week after a failure at a steel plant caused cyanide and ammonia to leak into a river that feeds Lake Michigan.

‘I want to see my baby’: A priest forced her to give up her child 50 years ago, a woman says

Kathleen Chafin filed a federal lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Omaha and the Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus, alleging that a Jesuit priest named forced her to give her son up for adoption.

"We stood up and saw the mattresses coming at us," Robb Manes told The Washington Post.

It's the latest anti-Semitic action by students amid a rise in hate crimes.

Daniel Pantaleo used a prohibited chokehold during the altercation, the department’s commissioner said. Garner’s dying words, “I can’t breath,” sparked a national movement.

Two firefighters planned for a quick fishing trip, but they never returned.

He spent about 30 years working on “The Thief and the Cobbler” but lost control of the film after it went over budget and fell behind schedule.

California researchers identify 21 cases where an order to stop gun possession was sought after threats.

Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were found guilty of attempted gang assault, three charges of attempted assault and rioting.

The job will be taken over by Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, who led the federal prison system from 1992 to 2003.

A Democrat, she was the first woman to win the state’s top elected office.

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The U.S. doesn't own Greenland (yet), but it already holds the key to our long-term fate.

There could have been more mass shootings if these men weren't arrested, authorities say.

A new study finds that climate change could have hugely negative economic consequences for nearly all countries, unless greenhouse gas emissions are quickly and significantly curtailed.

Dogs alerted officers, who tore open the large cardboard boxes and found more than garden vegetables.

With their whirlwind partnership, they're trying to help real-life children in the D.C. area navigate, and perhaps escape, difficult home situations.

Some Democratic operatives who spoke to Halperin for the book said they now regret their role in the project.

The priest said his dog had a bad experience with a black person in the past, and is therefore aggressive toward strangers who happen to be African American. The Diocese of Memphis said no racial discrimination occurred.

A 36-year-old father's search for campfire wood unearths a note from a captain of the Soviet Navy.

Limiting the number of bullets in gun magazines won’t stop mass attacks, but it could bring down their death tolls, experts say.

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