Snow and ice accumulates on the St. Joseph Lighthouses Tuesday in St. Joseph, Mich. (AP)
Snow and ice accumulates on the St. Joseph Lighthouses Tuesday in St. Joseph, Mich. (AP)

Record-crushing cold sweeps over eastern half of Lower 48 states

Hundreds of records are falling, some of which have stood for over a century.

Military families decry ‘outrageous’ mold-infested housing at Fort Meade

Ten military families are suing, saying they were stuck in substandard housing at a Maryland Army base because property managers dragged their feet when asked to fix problems and made it financially difficult for them to leave.

EPA pushes ahead with effort to restrict the science it uses to craft regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency is pushing forward with a policy that could limit the science the agency uses to underpin regulations, a change long sought by conservatives but derided by many scientists and public health experts as an effort to stifle reliance on research into the harmful effects of pollution on Americans.

Supreme Court allows families of Sandy Hook shooting victims to sue gunmaker Remington

The court turned down an appeal from the gun industry intended to block the lawsuit.
An Arizona judge told the state and its corrections department that is must change its restrictive policy around what's "sexually explicit."
She won once before. But because she was known only as Emily Doe, someone else accepted the award on her behalf.
The letters are an appeal to the president and attorney general to call off plans to resume the practice.
The fast-warming Sea of Okhotsk, wedged between Russia and Japan, is a cautionary tale of the far-reaching consequences when climate dominoes begin to fall.
A young woman's body was found in a Wisconsin cornfield in 1999, with evidence of torture. But until now, police did not know who she was or who had killed her.

'Conviction Integrity Units' are spreading across the country as prosecutors join push to correct prior unjust convictions.
The resident of the Kalamazoo, Mich., apartment that was allegedly broken into is trained in ritualized combat.
Alexis Crawford's roommate, now a suspect in her murder, spent Thanksgiving and Easter with her, a family spokesman said.
USDA chief Sonny Perdue may have a new perk for Trump’s rural base — more trade aid.
Sawant has backed an “Amazon tax” on large companies and pushed successfully to make Seattle the first big city with a $15-per-hour minimum wage.
Chiefs cite outdated communications among other factors.
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“He just couldn’t get back from what happened with his daughter," said Bruce Carter, a spokesman for Marquis Jefferson.
A Louisiana judge asked a rape survivor if she would consider a $150,000 restitution payment from her attacker. She refused, saying the attack has left her "broken."
Chesa Boudin joins a growing list of progressive candidates around the country who have won district attorney races by campaigning on criminal justice reform.
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