In case involving Giuliani associates, defense pushes for intelligence intercepts

A lawyer in the case involving Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman told a federal judge that intelligence files may exist on them and two co-defendants.

She needed to fill her prescription for the morning-after pill. She says two pharmacists refused.

Andrea Anderson, a 39-year-old mother of five, needed emergency contraception after her usual birth control failed.

FCC advances plans for 988, a national suicide-prevention hotline

With a three-digit number, the FCC hopes that the hotline will be simpler to remember in times of crisis and send a message to the public that mental health crises are as equally important as medical emergencies.
Leigh Goyer Parker and Soup at home. (Michael Parker)
Leigh Goyer Parker and Soup at home. (Michael Parker)

They thought their dog was gone forever. Meanwhile, prison inmates were treating him like a king.

Soup the dog feasted on roast beef and peach cobbler at the Alabama correctional facility after he took off running into the trees in Montgomery, Ala., leaving his owner behind. “He was living high on the hog,” his owner said.

A ‘gruesome’ hit-and-run is captured on video. LAPD is offering $50K to help find the man’s killer.

The driver struck 47-year-old Rufino Miranda as he was crossing the street in South Los Angeles.
In lengthy statement Friday night, Matt Bevin says Kentucky residents are not in danger because of his controversial pardons, even as some Republicans call for federal investigation.
An array of Democratic groups say they will spend millions to win state legislative seats, from Florida to Michigan, as congressional redistricting looms.
The teenager had no criminal record and had never even been in trouble at school.
Readers asked what prompted this investigation, why it was published now and what happens next.
Southwest Airlines said it will share a portion of the confidential settlement with employees through its profit-sharing plan.

The Post has selected — and annotated — 25 interviews that are essential reading and put key revelations from The Afghanistan Papers into stark relief.
They buy the car parts, he fixes it for free. "This is the greatest paycheck I’ve never earned," he said.
  • 14 hours ago
In Alaska, a new oil boom is on the horizon even as climate change arrives and greenhouse gas emissions climb.
The choice by Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik (N.Y.) to defend the president says a lot about the politics of impeachment.
  • Perspective
Some Latinos took issue with a decision by UCLA to add “Central American” to the name of the César E. Chávez Department of Chicana/o Studies.
  • 22 hours ago
The community questions whether the attack reflects underlying ethnic tensions.
Boeing now says it will work with the FAA to ready the 737 Max jets for service in 2020.
The attack that targeted Jersey City Kosher Supermarket has the city's ultra-Orthodox community reeling.
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