Ohio counties, drug firms reach $260 million deal in opioids case

But the deal covers only two counties in one state, leaving thousands more jurisdictions across the country to fight it out in court or hammer out similar deals.
Kids play basketball at Wilson Park near where Interstate 81 slices through a public housing complex in Syracuse, N.Y. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Post).
Kids play basketball at Wilson Park near where Interstate 81 slices through a public housing complex in Syracuse, N.Y. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Post).

How a crumbling road in Syracuse is sparking a conversation about reparations

The Central New York city’s south side was devastated when a highway section went up. Now that there is talk of taking it down, residents say they should be protected -- and compensated.

American Airlines flight makes emergency landing after fumes cause two crew members to lose consciousness

Cleaning supplies spilled on the jet and seeped into the carpet, a pilot on the flight from London to Philadelphia said. The odor made people so sick the plane had to land in Dublin.

A West Point cadet — and a rifle — have been missing since Saturday

Authorities said they don’t believe the cadet poses a threat to the public but that “he may be a danger to himself.”

Two giant cranes' fall was just one step in what is sure to be a long, laborious and expensive response to the collapse that killed three workers and injured dozens more.

The accident comes as more than a dozen American service members have been killed in training exercises in the past year.

McDowell County is one of the poorest in the nation. Meeting students’ basic needs is as important as reading and math.

School officials pointed to a zero-tolerance policy on employee use of racial slurs, a news report said.

All Californians will be able to receive warnings before the next big quake using a mobile app.

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Gargiulo was convicted of murdering two women, including Ashley Ellerin, a former girlfriend of actor Ashton Kutcher.

Tropical Storm Nestor will bring the risk of a "life-threatening" storm surge, heavy rain and strong winds to the Florida Panhandle and Big Bend area.

Educators in the nation’s third-largest school district spent a second day out of the classroom.

Race for state Senate seat stirs strong feelings, attracts big money over question of gun control.

Amtrak is spending more on fuel, labor and even on maintaining extra locomotives and rail cars as a result of poor on-time performance, according to new report.

Two Ivy League schools also dropped the requirement of a Graduate Record Exam test for many of their graduate programs.

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Shaker Heights High encourages a diverse student body to take AP and IB courses.

Here is data emerging from the Association of American Universities survey this year of more than 180,000 students.

Obdulia Sanchez crashed during a police pursuit while on parole, two years after her livestream of a crash shocked the world with its brutal immediacy.

Hair stylists are in a unique position to examine their clients’ scalps and necks.

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A convicted bank robber was arrested for his suspected role in another bank robbery.

Don’t expect a particularly harsh winter, but a volatile one.

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