(Buddhika Weerasinghe/Bloomberg)
(Buddhika Weerasinghe/Bloomberg)

Covid-19 live updates: Pfizer to study vaccinated people who get infected for guidance on booster shots

Reports of inoculated people dying or requiring hospitalization are extremely rare, although exactly how long protection lasts isn’t yet clear.

Ex-lawmaker insisted her sister-in-law was murdered in burned trailer. Now she’s been killed at the same site.

Ashley Henley, a former Mississippi state legislator, was found dead Sunday outside a charred mobile home where her sister-in-law had died months earlier — a case that Henley insisted was murder.

A dog went missing after a car crash. He was found on an Idaho farm herding sheep.

“He saw all those sheep and just wanted to go to work,” said Linda Oswald, who was frantically looking for her dog after the car crash.
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Rising delta variant cases force England to delay ‘freedom day,’ extend virus rules one month

With just one week until coronavirus restrictions were set to expire, Prime Minister Boris Johnson delayed reopening until at least July 19.

Videos show Ocean City, Md., police using force on teens while enforcing boardwalk vaping ban

Critics lashed out at Ocean City, Md.. police over viral videos showing officers kneeing and Tasering teens who the city said were ignoring a ban on vaping on the boardwalk.

Woman killed when driver plows into crowd protesting U.S. Marshals’ task force shooting of Black man

At least three states have reduced penalties for motorists who hit protesters with a vehicle.

2020 was the deadliest gun violence year in decades. So far, 2021 is worse.

Experts say the “perfect storm” of the coronavirus pandemic, increased inequality and protests against police brutality is to blame for the surge in shootings. They’re bracing for an even deadlier summer.

Mexican police found a dismembered woman in an ex-butcher’s basement. He may have killed at least 17 others.

Weeks after authorities began excavating the home of a 72-year-old former butcher accused of killing and dismembering a woman, they found 3,787 bone fragments that belong to at least 17 victims.

A humpback whale swallowed a lobster diver whole and spit him out alive: ‘It tried to eat me’

A humpback whale swallowed Michael Packàrd as he was lobster diving in Cape Cod. He survived and is ready to get back to work.

He opted to skip graduation and work a shift at Waffle House. His boss was not having it: ‘I was going to get him there no matter what’

"No kid should miss their high school graduation,” said Waffle House store manager Cedric Hampton.
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Man dies after weekend shooting in Austin that injured at least 13 other people

One suspect was in custody, and police were looking for another.

San Jose immigrants suffer from growing economic divide

The immigrants who died in the recent mass shooting in San Jose had rare, stable, nearly-middle class work in a city struggling with deep economic inequality.

Judge dismisses lawsuit filed by Houston hospital system employees who refused coronavirus vaccine

The judge took particular issue with the complaint equating the threat of termination to medical experimentation during the Holocaust, calling the comparison “reprehensible.”

Central American women are fleeing domestic violence amid a pandemic. Few find refuge in U.S.

Though President Biden quickly signed several executive orders to roll back some of President Donald Trump’s most draconian policies, a number of other restrictive measures and rulings that directly affect domestic violence survivors remain in place.
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