The Tampa student reportedly had an apparent confrontation with a substitute teacher who wanted the 11-year-old boy to stand for the pledge.
Police said they are searching for Donquale M. Gray, 25, who was a passenger in a 2008 Toyota Yaris that had been stopped for an unspecified “equipment violation.” He later used that car to flee police as they returned fire.
MJ Sharp, seem at a union event last year in Durham, N.C., is an adjunct instructor at Duke University. (Sam Wohns)
MJ Sharp, seem at a union event last year in Durham, N.C., is an adjunct instructor at Duke University. (Sam Wohns)
Hundreds of thousands of part-time adjunct instructors teach at the nation’s colleges and universities, representing two-fifths of all faculty, but even with a full course load, some part-time faculty live at or below the poverty line and receive public assistance.

Next week’s mayoral election is seen as critical for a city where “there’s no place we can call safe.”

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Can a robot pick a strawberry better, faster, and cheaper than a seasonal farmworker?

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The recent L.A. teachers’ strike highlighted the existential fight over the future of education.

Authorities say Gary Martin, 45, killed five people and wounded five police officers in Aurora, Ill.

If it weren’t for an overheard conversation in a New York jail, we might all be drinking British tea today.

Critics deride deployment as political theater by President Trump; supporters say guardsmen are a “godsend” for overburdened Border Patrol.

In a controversial 1990s court case in Virginia, she lost custody of her son because of a same-sex relationship.

Three teachers — from the United States, Canada and the Netherlands — link his comment to other similar sentiments manifesting around the world.

Judge Leonie M. Brinkema said authorities have shown no evidence justifying the termination decision, which the airmen are challenging.

The two women said they were approached by a border agent while standing in line at a convenience store in Montana, then unlawfully detained.

Samuel Little claims he killed more than 90 women over four decades, and now he's helping authorities find his victims.

Using opioids appears to double the risk that a driver will trigger a fatal crash, regardless of whether alcohol is in the mix too, a new study by researchers at Columbia University has found.

Amazon's decision to pull out of the deal is a show of force for the left wing in New York City, a constellation of engaged citizens, traditional activist groups and newly elected lawmakers who built a grass-roots movement to oppose the deal.

The plan foundered in the face of vocal opposition from activists, politicians.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's union has filed an unsafe labor practice charge against the paper's publisher after he allegedly drunkenly stormed into the newsroom on Saturday.

The president had urged the Tennessee Valley Authority to keep open one of the plants, which buys much of its coal from a mining company chaired by one of his major donors.

On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing, the space race has been reinvigorated by China, India and private space companies, which are locked in a high-stakes contest for scientific discoveries on moon.

Read this mom's heartbreaking Facebook post.

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