High-profile trial over who should pay for the opioid crisis begins Wednesday

Two Ohio counties face off against six drug companies in a landmark federal trial to assign responsibility for the worst drug crisis in U.S. history.

U.S. officials say British family illegally crossed border from Canada on purpose

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials dispute the family’s version of events. Records show the family had been previously denied U.S. travel authorization.
Coy Featherston, who was homeless until September, has been staying in a friend's spare bedroom. (Don Vanderburg)
Coy Featherston, who was homeless until September, has been staying in a friend's spare bedroom. (Don Vanderburg)

He had been homeless for decades. Then old friends saw his photo in a newspaper.

Coy Featherston's former classmate canvassed Austin for four days until she found him feeding pigeons outside a church.

The Fort Worth police chief appeared to defend Jefferson, saying it "makes sense that she would have a gun if she felt she was being threatened." The officer, Aaron Dean, has been charged with murder.

“We have been treated like criminals here, stripped of our rights, and lied to,” Eileen Connors wrote in a sworn statement. “It is undoubtedly the worst experience we have ever lived through.”

From a gas station, he arranged liaisons and worked as a prostitute for gay and straight stars.

Move would reverse 2001 roadless rule, opening up more than half of North America’s biggest temperate rainforest to development

The system may develop over the southern gulf, then spread rain to the Gulf Coast this weekend and eventually farther north.

Three other victims were found at the man's apartment about 200 miles south in Roseville, Calif., according to police.

“I thought, you know something? If for a modest sum I could make that change, I’m gonna do it," Andrew Levy told a local CBS affiliate.

A major new statement details seven trends in teacher-preparation "reform" that focus on market solutions and not on addressing systemic inequities.

Wind gusts over 50 mph and rainfall topping two inches are likely from fast-moving storm Wednesday night.

But the former cop, Robert "Chip" Olsen, was convicted of aggravated assault and lying about the shooting.

The incident at Aventura Hospital in South Florida raises questions about the line between immigration enforcement and emergency medical care.

A champion of the Western canon, he faced criticism for dismissing women and Third World writers.

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Utility says downed power lines could have been fire risk as infuriated governor called on state regulators to investigate the intentional outage.

Sleep experts say teens have unique biological sleep patterns that make it difficult for them to fall asleep before 11 p.m., but the new law mandating later school start times has its critics.

Moisture from a Pacific system may reach west Texas, while a second system could enhance rain along the Gulf Coast late this week.

The letters, written from 1944 to 1946, were so absorbing — and the two friends stood there reading them for so long — that an employee came by and joined them, becoming equally enthralled.

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The Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that juveniles may not be sentenced to mandatory life sentences without parole, and so Malvo is seeking new hearings on his four Virginia life sentences.

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