A two-day-old fire at the Intercontinental Terminals Company remained intense enough to create its own micro weather system, causing shifting winds in the area, officials said. But the air quality is safe despite huge plumes of smoke, they said.
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The debilitating condition affects hundreds of thousands of women each year in the United States. The new medication, brexanolone, must be administered intravenously for 60 continuous hours.
Consideration of criminal convictions would not be allowed in the early stages of the employment application process by federal agencies and contractors under legislation.
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The vernal equinox arrives Wednesday at 5:58 p.m. Eastern. This year, there's even a full moon on the first day of spring.
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In an age of massacres, false reports still traumatize people worried about becoming victims in the next attack.

The Earth's shape and bending of light by the atmosphere explain the departure from expectation.

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It spans the sky like a mega-size wad of chewing gum stretched taut. It glows from within, pulses gently and sometimes releases tentacles of dripping, green ectoplasm.

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The couple has simplified their lives so they no longer do grocery store trips, wash dishes or plan meals.

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"The truth is, throughout human history, slavery has existed, and America came along as the first country to end it within 150 years," contributor Katie Pavlich said. "And we get no credit for that.”

The anonymous tweet claimed the designer said he refused to dress the first lady because "I have no interest in dressing a glorified escort who steals speeches and has bad taste in men."

A law professor writes about the difficult choices universities will face under new Title IX rules, if approved, and how they should be planning for likely changes in the way sexual-assault allegations are handled on campus.

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The video-sharing website said it had demonetized the channel, but the case adds to growing questions about how the company polices its open-ended service.

More than a decade after a young Canadian real estate developer was killed in San Juan, the victim's family finally has justice .

A spokesman for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections told The Post it was a “novel approach to a bad idea.”

Far too often, students and faculty lament, access to the prestigious school is about money.

He had a strutting stage persona and used a proto-rap delivery on songs such as “Bacon Fat.”

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Satellite images show the extent of flooding in the midwest

"You will forever be entombed in a prison of your own mind,” Harrison County Circuit Judge Larry Bourgeois told Cassie Barker, a former Mississippi officer.

It's the first time in two decades that a full moon and spring's arrival have been so close together.

“Historic” flooding in the Midwest has killed at least four people, leveled bridges and submerged huge swaths of the region with bone-chilling floodwater.

The Golden State might be through with winter, but winter is not through with the Golden State.

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Law enforcement officials have contended that Gregory Longenecker, 51, deliberately climbed under the bulldozer to evade capture. His friends and family dispute that account.

Someone at NYPD apparently just "misread" the paperwork, police said.

Using ISIS beheading videos as a case study, researchers found that the likelihood of watching this material was associated with being male, Christian and unemployed, as well as frequency of watching television and prior exposure to violence.

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