Pharoah Sanders, piercing jazz saxophonist, dies at 81

“I’m a person who just starts playing anything I want to play,” he said, "and make it turn out to be maybe some beautiful music.”

By From staff and wire reportsSeptember 24, 2022

Florida has long been a sanctuary for immigrants. That’s now being tested.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has sparked a debate over Florida's reputation as a safe haven for migrants as rising numbers of Cubans and Venezuelans seek to resettle in the state.

By Tim Craig and María Luisa PaúlSeptember 24, 2022

Elijah McClain died of ketamine shot from medics, amended autopsy says

An earlier autopsy report said there wasn't enough evidence to determine a cause of death for the 23-year-old Black man, whom police had put in a chokehold in 2019.

By Derek HawkinsSeptember 24, 2022

‘Fat Leonard’ had life of leisure, relaxed security before escape, capture

On home confinement in San Diego, "Fat Leonard" Francis hired servants and undermined the security requirements aimed at keeping the mastermind of a $35 million Navy bribery scandal from fleeing, according to interviews and records obtained by The Washington Post.

By Jonathan O'ConnellSeptember 24, 2022

Arizona judge reinstates near-total abortion ban from 19th century

An injunction on a law that bans abortions except when the mother is at risk was lifted by a judge.

By Andrew JeongSeptember 24, 2022

Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico as a Category 1 storm. Flooding still wrought havoc.

Hurricane Fiona triggered floods in Puerto Rico that destroyed homes, roads and bridges. The U.S. government allocated more than $3 billion for hazard mitigation after Hurricane Maria. But few projects have gotten underway.

By Arelis R. HernándezSeptember 23, 2022

Videos show Iran’s violent crackdown as protests intensify

Videos verified by The Post show security forces opening fire on protesters as unrest continues one week since Mahsa Amini died.

By Joyce Sohyun Lee, Stefanie Le, Imogen Piper, Babak Dehghanpisheh and Atthar MirzaSeptember 23, 2022

Georgia to replace voting machines in Coffee County after alleged security breach

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger will decommission all voting machines in the county where forensics experts working for election denier Sidney Powell last year copied virtually every component of the voting system.

By Amy Gardner, Emma Brown and Jon SwaineSeptember 23, 2022

Execution halted at last minute when Ala. prison staff can’t find vein

Thursday's failed lethal injection came as Alabama said it was not yet ready to use nitrogen hypoxia, an untested alternative method it approved in 2018.

By Kim Bellware and Derek HawkinsSeptember 23, 2022

Biden says Catholic Church wouldn’t agree with Graham’s abortion ban

President Biden accused Republicans of seeking to ban abortions with "no exceptions," although the proposed nationwide ban by Sen. Lindsey Graham does include some.

By Adela SulimanSeptember 23, 2022

A soccer player was spooked before fatal plane crash. So was his pilot.

Recordings obtained by the BBC capture a pilot's concerns before the 2019 plane crash that killed Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala.

By Julian MarkSeptember 23, 2022

In rural Alaska, modern realities collide with traditional way of life

Noatak, Alaska, is facing significant challenges, including a river that is now too low for a barge to deliver goods, a shortage of fuel to power vehicles and heat homes, and skyrocketing gas prices.

By Emily SchwingSeptember 23, 2022

A brewery grew its own hops for a local IPA. The city mowed them down.

Philadelphia Brewing Co. was forced to cancel the release of its Harvest from the Hood IPA after city workers mowed down its entire crop of hops.

By Jonathan EdwardsSeptember 23, 2022

Alex Jones declares he’s ‘done saying I’m sorry’ at Sandy Hook trial

The Infowars founder lashed out at lawyers during a Connecticut trial that will determine what damages he has to pay families of victims of the school shooting.

By Kelly Kasulis ChoSeptember 23, 2022

California plans to create anti-gun-violence office

The impact of California’s new Office of Gun Violence Prevention could be limited by a U.S. Supreme Court that has taken an expansive view of gun rights.

By Andrew JeongSeptember 23, 2022

Justice Dept. says it would defend Veterans Affairs medical workers in abortion cases

A recently adopted Department of Veterans Affairs policy providing abortions to veterans and their eligible relatives is legally sound and can continue, the Justice Department said.

By Perry SteinSeptember 22, 2022

Fla. city to pay $500K after cops killed driver in 120-shot shooting

Following a chase, Hialeah police forced Lester Machado off the road, then fired into his disabled vehicle 120 times, killing him.

By Derek HawkinsSeptember 22, 2022

White woman who called 911 on Black birder loses suit over termination

Amy Cooper, who was labeled "Central Park Karen" on social media after the incident, accused Franklin Templeton of unfairly terminating her and of defamation.

By Andrea SalcedoSeptember 22, 2022

Dearie asks Trump lawyers whether they believe FBI lied about seized documents

Order by Mar-a-Lago special master is the first time Donald Trump’s attorneys have been told to confirm or deny his claims that agents planted evidence or that documents were declassified.

By Perry SteinSeptember 22, 2022

Wildfires are burning higher in the West, threatening water supplies

A recent study shows how wildfires are spreading deeper into seasonally snowy zones in the West, speeding up melting in a region already enduring a historic drought.

By Joshua PartlowSeptember 22, 2022