The erroneous warning of an imminent ballistic missile attack caused confusion and frustration at U.S. military facilities, according to emails obtained by The Washington Post.
A Florida police officer said she did not have designs to adopt another pet, but “I looked at her and I said, ‘I love her, I’m taking her home.’”
Robyn Correll’s son caught the flu before age 3, which put him at high risk. (Courtesy of Correll)
Robyn Correll’s son caught the flu before age 3, which put him at high risk. (Courtesy of Correll)
Children younger than 5 are statistically more likely to have dangerous complications if they get the flu. But perhaps getting a vaccine saved this 2½-year-old boy.
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The copy, one of 51 that scholars are aware of, has resurfaced via its purchase last month by a billionaire philanthropist.

But sometimes not knowing what lies down the road can also mean there’s hope

A woman recorded a confrontational video to share among her family, but it unexpectedly roared across the world's social media channels.

The story must be told.
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Nearly half of Florida's teachers didn't show up for work on Feb. 19, 1968, marking the nation's first statewide teachers’ strike.

Giraffes can’t afford to sleep for long, Smithsonian Earth series says.

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The crowd took aim at politicians who accept money from the National Rifle Association, chanting “No more BS!”

Vegas moved on. Sutherland Springs prayed. But Parkland raged.

In six weeks, more than 1,500 people have sought help from the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund.

At a gathering in Washington, officials ask feds for for more information about the 2016 hack attempt.

At Northwest High, more than 600 parents picked up their children after an online threat.

For 27 years, under the guise of providing Hawaiian children with therapy, the school forced them to see a pedophile psychiatrist.

As international attention focuses on the Parkland high school shooting, the top local law enforcement official asks for sensible policy.

With a change in tactics, the audience is still very receptive to the message.

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A NASA scientist wrote back: “I trust that if you continue to do well in school we will see you at NASA one of these days.”

Critics say episode shows court system set up at Guantanamo Bay is imploding.

The woman has been placed on leave in connection with her job at the New York State Council on the Arts.

Inspector General says it’s too soon to judge whether a stalemate with the Taliban is ending, contradicting top U.S. military officials. 

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The story must be told.
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