Officials consider new rules as a key portion of the controversial travel ban is set to expire.

ACT for America, which calls itself a ‘grassroots national security’ organization, is gathering at a Washington-area Marriott.

Puerto Ricans get creative to communicate after Hurricane Maria

Millions of people in Puerto Rico are without power following Hurricane Maria. People are using a local radio stations and writing on social media to communicate with family.

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The decision on what to do now falls to President Trump.

The unanimity is striking.

A book and a talk focus on their struggles with discrimination and on later achievements,

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Mom-and-pop toy shops have a better handle on what kids like. And the adults love the free gift wrap.

Trump Cabinet member Tom Price reportedly took at least two dozen flights at a cost to taxpayers of $300,000.

And what this means for the future.

It’s impossible to predict when an earthquake will happen. The patterns of migrating birds, abnormally sharp air pressure drops, the tone of goat vocalizations — none of these things actually signal a...

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With McCain and Sen. Rand Paul both at no, Senate Republicans cannot afford any more GOP defections.

A nonprofit that helps manage the telescope said all staff were safe.

Entire neighborhoods are blanketed in murky water, the waves in some cases reaching near the first-floor windows. Tops of buildings were sliced open, their top-floor rooms visible like dollhouses.

Opha May Johnson, the 39-year-old wife of an orchestra conductor, joined the Marines on Aug. 13, 1918, paving the way for the women who came after her.

"U.S. Forces Korea "did NOT send this message," officials said in a Facebook post.

He tried to make himself heard over the shouts of demonstrators at the convocation address.

North Korea has always been a superpower when it comes to launching verbal grenades. Can President Trump compete?

The credit reporting giant faces claims from shareholders, consumers and one Wisconsin credit union.

The move was opposed by advocates for sexual assault victims.

Action gives schools new flexibility on how to weigh evidence in sexual misconduct cases.

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