(Bing Guan/Bloomberg)
(Bing Guan/Bloomberg)

Most of California to impose stay-at-home orders by Sunday as ICU capacity drops

The return to strict rules aimed at fighting the coronavirus in the country’s most populous state, home to 40 million people, comes as cases and hospitalizations surge nationwide.

‘Do people understand what’s happening here? Do they care?’

Bruce MacGillis, on the excruciating wait for a vaccine inside a covid-infected nursing home

Despite efforts by Bowser and D.C. Council, opioid deaths hit record this year

To curb overdoses, the council voted to decriminalize needle possession and expand “good Samaritan” laws.
The state will allow doctors to ration care as beds fill up and covid deaths mount.
“We cannot wait until after we have driven off the cliff to pull the emergency [brake],” said Santa Clara County Health Officer Sara Cody.
Kentucky’s Prosecutors Advisory Council denied a request from Taylor's mother, Tamika Palmer, to replace state Attorney General Daniel Cameron with a new prosecutor to pursue charges.
The plan calls for 95 percent of patients to achieve viral supression and start treatment the day they test positive.
Police across America are digging through old case files to identify Little’s victims. In Memphis, multiple families have laid claim to the woman Little says he strangled.
"My mother left her guard down for one moment — one moment. And in that swift moment, my entire family was affected," the nurse told CNN's Don Lemon in an interview from her hospital bed.
Abby is either the luckiest or the smartest dog in town.
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The tiger attacked Candy Couser, who has volunteered at Big Cat Rescue for five years, when she reached into the cage to unclip a gate.
Courtney Farr did not hide his frustration when he penned the obituary describing the days his father spent struggling with the virus without the comfort of familiar faces.
Gov. Gavin Newsom’s warning that California may soon need to pull “the emergency brake” comes as many governors renew economically painful shutdowns.
Rittenhouse’s attorneys argued that he fired in self-defense after being attacked at a demonstration.
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Some of the most pointed criticism has come from faith leaders in Oklahoma.
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