Florida police were after a covid-19 data scientist. She turned herself in — and tested positive.

Rebekah Jones, the fired Florida data scientist who accused officials of trying to doctor the state's coronavirus data, has been charged with computer crimes, state police say.

It’s like a Little Free Library, but there’s art inside. People are flocking to it, tiny art in hand.

"Welcome to the smallest free-est art gallery in the world," reads a sign on Seattle's Little Free Art Gallery. "If you’d like to take a piece, please leave another piece in its place."
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Texas man at Capitol riot allegedly threatened to kill his kids if they turned him in: ‘Traitors get shot’

Federal agents arrested Guy Reffitt on Saturday and charged him with obstruction of justice and unlawful entry.
Aditya Singh survived in part on food given to him by other passengers, grew out his beard, lectured travelers about Buddhism and Hinduism, and attempted to evade scrutiny by wearing an airport worker’s identification badge.
Far-right and white-supremacist groups have descended on Oregon’s capital in large numbers, leaving one couple to wonder if it’s worth staying.
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Millions bought weapons following pandemic shutdowns and protests against police brutality.
Biden is expected to soon reverse the efforts of the Trump administration and end a project proposed more than a decade ago.
Mayorkas will carry out Biden’s pledge to have a more humane, welcoming approach to asylum seekers and immigrants, as well as reverse Trump’s hard-line policies.
“I would rather teach the class, even if that means I’m very tired,” said D.C. National Guard Sgt. Jacob Kohut, who teaches class on his breaks.
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With officials on high alert days away from President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, several cities saw armed but peaceful demonstrators, some identifying themselves as part of the fringe anti-government “Boogaloo” movement.
In a remarkable display of firepower, police and troops protected government buildings across the country amid fear security threats will continue.
Kamala Harris’s father Donald is a proud islander who made sure his daughters know their heritage.
He was known as the creative force behind such hits as “Be My Baby” and “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” — and for disturbing behavior that culminated in a murder conviction.
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It took 12 weeks for the death toll to rise from 200,000 to 300,000. The death toll has leaped from 300,000 to almost 400,000 in less than five weeks.
National Guard troops deployed to protect statehouses from a repeat of U.S. Capitol assault.
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