Robbers abducted 14-year-old Ayvani Hope Perez, last seen wearing blue and gray Star Wars pajama bottoms and a gray superhero shirt. (AP/National Center for Missing & Exploited Children) (AP)

Police are searching for Ayvani Hope Perez, a 14-year-old girl whom robbers abducted after her family told them there was no money or jewelry in their home in the Ellenwood neighborhood near Atlanta. The men shot and killed the family’s dog and absconded with their daughter when their demands were refused:

Two men, described as wearing black clothing and armed with handguns, pried open a back door of the home in the Ellenwood area around 2:15 a.m. Tuesday, demanding the items, Clayton County police Officer Phong Nguyen said. The home invasion was apparently random, Nguyen said told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“It didn’t appear that they knew each other,” he said of the suspects and victims. “They just moved in about a month ago.”

Ayvani’s mother had her daughter and her 15-year-old son hiding inside the home, but the intruders were able to find them, police said in a statement. The men abducted Ayvani with no explanation, police said.

The girl was last seen being taken from the home in a gray Dodge, police said.

Associated Press

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the robbers have demanded a ransom of $10,000 for Perez’s return:

Ayvani’s aunt, Suky Guerrero, told the AJC Tuesday that family members were trying to get the money together to secure the teen’s release. The AJC confirmed the ransom demand with a law enforcement official close to the investigation who was unauthorized to speak publicly.

Guerrero said she understood the family was still waiting for the money to be delivered late Tuesday.

Guerrero took her brother, Ayvani’s father, Alberto Perez, 47, to the airport in El Paso, Texas, to fly to Atlanta on Tuesday morning. “My brother doesn’t have a clue. He doesn’t have any money like that.”

Perez, she said, wanted to be by the side of his ex-wife, Ayvani’s mother Maria Perez.

“He was devastated, not knowing what to do,” Guerrero said.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Anyone with information regarding Perez’s whereabouts is asked to call authorities at (770) 744-3513.