A 9-year-old got past airport security and slipped aboard a Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas.

A 9-year-old boy stowed away on a Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas, boarding without a ticket and unaccompanied by his parents. He talked his way past security and gate agents, although his motives for doing so remained unclear:

The boy went to the security checkpoint — which didn’t require photo IDs from children — and passed through the screening process while pretending to be part of a family that was passing through at the same time, Hogan said.

“What they’d normally do is show a boarding pass for the child,” Hogan said of families passing through security.

Then, inside the gate area, the boy chatted up the airline boarding employee until the employee was distracted by another passenger, which is when the boy slipped onto the plane, Hogan said.

Flight attendants ultimately caught on to the boy’s ruse after realizing that he wasn’t on a manifest of unattended minors and didn’t appear to be with an adult, Hogan said.

They notified police in Las Vegas, who took the boy into custody when the plane landed.

Los Angeles Times

According to the Transportation Security Administration, the boy was screened at the security checkpoint, like other passengers, and did not pose a threat.