Wrong eye, wrong finger, wrong . . .

Some high-profile examples of wrong-site surgery, as described in media reports:

Los Angeles: A resident surgeon at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center removes a healthy testicle from a 47-year-old Air Force veteran. (2006)

Minneapolis: Doctors at Methodist Hospital remove a healthy kidney from a man with kidney cancer. (2008)

Providence, R.I.: A doctor at Rhode Island Hospital operates on the wrong finger, the fifth wrong-site surgery at the hospital in less than three years. (2009)

Orange County, Calif.: A surgeon operates on the wrong part of a child’s tongue, the third wrong-site mistake at Children’s Hospital of Orange County in four years. (2010)

Boston: Surgeons at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center perform three wrong-site spinal surgeries in a two-month period. (2010)

Portland, Ore.: An ophthal-mologist operates on the wrong eye of a 4-year-old boy. (2011)