Three women, who went missing separately about a decade ago, and a six-year-old girl were rescued from a house in Cleveland Monday night.

According to reports, the rescue happened after one of the missing women, Amanda Berry, flagged down a neighbor, Charles Ramsey, who then helped her slip through an obstructed front door.

Ramsey has become somewhat of a star on the Web. Video from his interview with Cleveland’s ABC affiliate, News Channel 5, has been widely shared on YouTube and social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

In the interview, Ramsey speaks about the rescue and his shock at discovering that three women were allegedly held hostage near his home for years.

“Bro, I knew something was wrong when a little, pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway. Dead giveaway,” Ramsey told the reporter.

Social news site BuzzFeed has already rounded up some of the memes around Ramsey — they range from GIFs to parodies of Dos Equis’s viral marketing campaign “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” And, yes, there are auto-tuned versions of Ramsey’s interview.

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