The revolution, continued

Bernie Sanders supporters massed by the hundreds outside Wells Fargo Center at the start of the evening session Monday, and many seemed convinced that he still had a chance.

For this moment, the hope of party unity — at least among this small subset of hard-core Sanders supporters — seemed far, far away.

“Never Hillary. Bernie or Bust. Jill Before Hill,” read one protester’s sign, referring to Green Party candidate Jill Stein. “End corruption.”

One man boasted a giant papier-mache doll in Sanders’s likeness, which took 10 hours to create.

#Demexit was the cry on another sign, apparently referring to the exit of Democratic voters from the party if delegates nominate Hillary Clinton.

“So sorry that I don’t want to vote for the one rigging it!” read the sign of another woman, who wore rainbow-colored knee socks.

Several exits to the arena were closed as protesters chanted, and played horns, tambourines, drums and guitars.

Perhaps we all need to take a cue from one Sanders devotee’s shirt, which read, “Bernaste.”

Bye, bye, Brazile?

As she temporarily takes the reins of the Democratic National Committee in the wake of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s departure, Donna Brazile won’t be dispensing commentary on ABC or CNN, Paul Farhi reports.

Both had contracts with the longtime Democratic strategist to opine on the state of the presidential campaign. But as soon as it became clear that she would now helm the party charged with electing Hillary Clinton, the networks suspended them.

Sort of.

Turns out Brazile will still appear on the networks’ airwaves this week, as she won’t officially assume her DNC duties until the convention is over on Sunday.

Brazile will “appear on ABC as a newsmaker” during the convention, ABC spokeswoman Heather Riley says. A CNN source said Brazile “will keep all her on-air commitments to us this week,” Farhi writes.

The difference, both networks say, is that she won’t be paid when she appears.



“Hell no, DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary!”

— Bernie Sanders supporters chanting outside Wells Fargo Center