Ex-officer accusedof anti-Jewish graffiti

A former New York City police officer was arrested before dawn Sunday on charges he spray-painted anti-Semitic graffiti on cars and buildings in a mostly Jewish Brooklyn neighborhood — including the front doors of an elementary school.

Michael Setiawan was picked up after police received a 911 call Saturday night about the swastikas and other anti-Semitic vandalism in Borough Park.

The 36-year-old faces charges of criminal mischief and aggravated harassment as hate crimes.

Setiawan was a city officer until 2007, serving in Brooklyn’s 69th precinct in the Canarsie neighborhood, police said.

The spray-painted words were found on 15 vehicles and four buildings near the Bnos Zion synagogue and school run by the ultra-Orthodox Bobov community. A surveillance camera at the school captured a suspect; police blurred out the face in the video. They would not immediately say whether the man was Setiawan.

— Associated Press

Biplane crash killspilot at air show

A pilot was killed Sunday at an air show in Northern California when the vintage biplane he was flying crashed, officials said.

Lynn Lunsford of the Federal Aviation Administration said the plane, a Stearman biplane, was part of the Thunder Over Solano air show at Travis Air Force Base in Solano County.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the 1944 biplane crashed in an open field away from spectators at 2:05 p.m. Black smoke rose from the wreckage as crowds departed from the base.

Organizers estimated that 100,000 people attended the show. No spectators were injured.

Emergency responders said the pilot did not survive, Lunsford said. An Air Force statement identified the pilot as Eddie Andreini, 77, of Half Moon Bay.

The crash happened as he performed an acrobatic maneuver over the tarmac, said Sgt. Rachel Martinez, a spokeswoman for the base.

Air show organizers canceled the event shortly after the crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board will lead an investigation. Lunsford added that the FAA was already on site and will be part of the team.

— Associated Press

Twins reunited after 78 years

It has been 78 years since Ann Hunt and Elizabeth Hamel were last together — in their mother’s womb.

The twin sisters were reunited last week for the first time since birth in Fullerton, Calif., thanks to a nudge from their children and help from a psychology professor, the Orange County Register reported Sunday.

Hunt, who lives in England, was placed for adoption and learned she had a twin only when she began looking for her birth mother after her adopted mother died.

Hamel, who lives in Oregon, always knew she had a twin but said she never thought she would see her.

The women were to spend the next day undergoing testing at the Twin Studies Center at California State University at Fullerton with professor Nancy Segal, who researches twins who were raised apart to better understand the role of genes and environment in human development.

— Associated Press

Warning on child safety: Baby gates meant to protect young children aren’t always as safe as parents think. A new study has found that nearly 2,000 U.S. kids are treated in emergency rooms each year from injuries resulting from falling through or climbing on the gates. Most injuries aren’t serious. But the researchers said parents should know about precautions. That includes using bolted gates, not pressure-mounted ones, at the top of the stairs. Researcher Lara McKenzie and colleagues at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, examined data on children up to age 6. The number kids injured on gates more than tripled over 20 years. These cases rose from about four per 100,000 children in 1990 to almost 13 per 100,000 in 2010. The study was published online Monday in the journal Academic Pediatrics.

Carbon monoxide killed 5: The deaths of two adults and three children in a small cabin in north-central Pennsylvania were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from an improperly ventilated propane heater, a coroner said Sunday. The deaths followed a Friday night party that investigators said was attended by five or six adult friends. The victims were identified as Jacqueline R. Stackhouse, 23, of New Columbia; Nathan L. Reece, 30, of Muncy; Stackhouse’s 3-year-old son; and two girls, ages 9 and 4. The relationships among the victims remained unclear.

— From news services