Do any of these tests look helpful for you?

Here are some of the benefits available for free to Medicare beneficiaries
— no co-payments, coinsurance or deductibles — when provided by
health-care professionals who accept Medicare.

Annual mammograms for women 40 and older.

Cervical cancer screening, including a Pap smear test and pelvic exam, every two years or annually for women with a high risk of cervical cancer.

Colorectal cancer screenings every 10 years, or every two if at high risk, for people 50 and older.

Cholesterol test and other cardiovascular screenings every five years.

Diabetes screening for people at risk for the disease.

Medical nutrition counseling to help people manage diabetes
or kidney disease (three hours of individual counseling the first year
and then two hours annually).

Annual prostate cancer screening (for men 50 and older).

Vaccines for influenza (annually), pneumonia (once)
and hepatitis B for those at risk of the disease.

Bone mass measurement every two years (more often
if medically necessary) for people at risk of osteoporosis.

HIV screening for people who are at increased risk.

Smoking cessation counseling.

— Susan Jaffe

SOURCE: “Your Guide to Medicare’s Preventive Services,” U. S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services