Many worry that the law’s protections might be weakened, threatening their ability to get health insurance.

More than 5,300 cases of mumps were reported last year, the most in a decade.

Because slobber notwithstanding, who knows more about retrieving balls?

"A feral cat is better off dead on the ground than it is alive,” Sam Wood said. “It's harsh — it's harsh to say, but it's the truth."

People being treated for addiction continue to consume opioids at a surprising rate, despite the health-care system's efforts to stop them.

Maternal exposure to fine particulate matter was associated with nearly 3 million preterm births worldwide in 2010.

Feral hogs have been accused of eating baby lambs and causing millions in damage. A new poison turns their innards blue.

Industry says the review was rushed during the waning days of the Obama administration.

See the winners and some of the other entries from the international contest celebrating the best of underwater photography from around the world. Categories include wide angle, macro, wrecks, behavior, up & coming and compact.

The worlds are close and potentially habitable, but you shouldn't pack your bags for TRAPPIST-1 just yet.

The study is the latest in a field that's yielded alarmist headlines about cats making people crazy. And it amounts to a big "not so fast."

The release comes days after Pruitt was sworn in as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

As forests shrink and trees disappear, it now takes Americans longer than ever before to drive from home to a biologically diverse wilderness area.

Mars’s north polar cap, new photos of Earth, stellar system and more images from space.

The newfound solar system could be the best place in the galaxy to search for life beyond Earth.

U.S. life expectancy will rise only modestly by 2030, while other developed nations forge ahead.

The new EPA administrator's comments come as President Trump is expected to issue new executive orders rolling back climate and energy regulations from the Obama administration.

There's no 'nice farm in the country' for spacecraft at the ends of their lives.

The state has politically powerful opposition to immunization, despite the medical evidence.

They say Zealandia meets all the definitions of a continent: a huge, coherent mass that sits above and is distinct from the ocean crust.

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Health care under the Affordable Care Act is poised to change — again. The Republican-led Congress has vowed to “repeal and replace” the health law known as Obamacare. That has left many people anxiou...

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