The interior secretary told senators at his confirmation hearing that he would never transfer or sell federally owned land. But a bureau he controls is considering doing exactly that.

Insights on ant behavior can improve robot swarms deployed in natural disasters.

The new drug could be substituted at the pharmacy counter for EpiPen.

Nonsmokers who were exposed to secondhand smoke as children were 30 percent more likely to die of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Social robots are being developed for children — who are particularly vulnerable to being led astray.

After a judge has blocked a plan in Kentucky, opponents go to court over one in Arkansas.

The season usually lasts from October to around February, but the current red tide has lingered along the Florida coast for around 10 months, killing massive amounts of fish and other marine life.

The spread of toxic algae has killed a whale shark and countless fish, threatening to upturn Florida's vital summer tourist season.

Perseid meteor shower, blood moon during a total lunar eclipse, images of Mars, Jupiter’s swirling cloud formations and more.

"People should not be sent out of ER without a follow-up.”

Researchers studied more than 80,000 children and determined that there was no link between the prenatal Tdap vaccine and autism.

Recent construction has encroached on habitat that had belonged to hippos. The hippo that killed a Chinese tourist was tracked and killed. It was unclear what, if anything, authorities did about the killer of a local fisherman.

Don’t try to burn them off, and be aware that natural repellents aren’t better than DEET.

"The effect of power is sadly one of the most reliable laws of human behavior,” says one psychologist.

A big-time songwriter and music producer once worked with the Supremes and the Temptations. Now he makes music played at shelters nationwide.

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They say Tania Singer's harshest words were directed at women who told her they were pregnant.

The mother appeared healthy and “remarkably frisky” when researchers observed her without the body of her calf.

There are risks to treatment and it can be hard to figure out whether there is underlying disease.

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All you have to do is take children outside for 15 minutes in the school day and let them run or walk.

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Worry can be useful, but parents need to watch to see if the anxiety rises to dangerous levels.

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