They say humans contribute to a warming planet, but they’re not sure by how much.

The longtime director has said he wants to stay on during the Trump administration.

A bleak new study found that 60 percent of primate species are close to extinction, mostly because of human activities.

Animal sanctuaries in this country often have little extra space, making placement options limited.

The odoriferous dung seems to convey info about sex, age, status.

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Elon Musk visits Trump Tower. Let the speculation begin.

Primate studies are dismantling a notion that the seeds of language did not exist before humans. Some think it's time to take a second look at talking pets tricks.

"Whatever your feelings about the fur industry, these sentences are a pretty strong signal that this isn’t the right way to effect change,” acting U.S. attorney Alana Robinson said.

Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general, was also grilled by Democratic senators on his ties to the oil and gas industry and his beliefs about climate change .

The effort's initial targets are three viruses. Funding comes from Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and the governments of Germany, Japan and Norway.

While a pioneer in the field of parallel computing, the Yale University professor is relatively unknown in the broader scientific community.

They called the agency’s responses to a Washington Post series “insufficient.”

The giant drug distributor resolved allegations that it failed to report suspicious orders by pharmacies that distributed opioids.

The strange ecosystem shows how order can emerge from chaos and hints at the strange geometry of the universe.

Experiments should be reproducible, but most of these weren't, a research team finds. The original scientists criticize the new results.

Wildlife experts say bear spray is a better deterrent.

‘The future is a lot less predictable when you’re 70,’ a researcher of aging says.

History has lessons for leaders who call themselves agents of change.

Montana congressman Ryan Zinke also said that he doesn’t believe climate change is a hoax. “Man has had an influence,” he told a Senate committee.

"The new species is named in honor of Donald J. Trump, to be installed as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017," states the article.

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