Amb. Arturo Sarukhan Ambassador of Mexico to the United States. (Sergio Ochoa/SERGIO OCHOA)
Arturo Sarukhan

Ambassador of Mexico to the United States

One of the challenges that we have is that we have increasingly seen patterns of transnational public-health problems across both sides of the border. Both Americans and Mexicans love to eat. So as we’ve seen diabetes and obesity rise in the United States, in Mexico, no surprise, it is the number one public-health challenge. The hamburger and the soft drink and the hot dog and the nachos get combined with the taco, the salt and the enchilada, and the cocktail is lethal.

Our program Health Windows [Ventanillas de Salud, which provides health care through Mexican consulates in the United States to immigrant families] is more than giving them a flu shot or telling them which doctor they can go to. It’s early prevention: how to eat properly, what to do, what are the healthy habits, how can you prevent some of the disease that we’ve seen as extremely prevalent in our community.