Correction: An earlier version of this item incorrectly referred to ADHD as attention-deficit hypertension disorder. It is attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. This version has been updated.

Tending to your toes
Fitness, May

Your feet can take a beating carrying you where you need to go. In “Pedi-Cures,” Paige Greenfield describes some common foot problems and how to deal with them. If you have sweaty feet, which can make you prone to infections, wash your feet often — don’t neglect the spaces between your toes — and invest in sweat-wicking socks. Hammertoes and bunions are genetic and often require surgery, but using shoes that fit well can help ease the pain. Tendinitis and stress fractures are especially common among athletes, but many others experience these painful conditions. What to do? Warm up before exercising, take calcium and Vitamin D supplements, and ice after training. For heel pain, invest in cushioned shoe inserts. And finally, Greenfield says, if the pain persists, don’t push through it; consult a podiatrist instead.

Brain chemistry
Managing ADHD
“The Energetic Brain,” by Cecil Reynolds, Kimberly Vannest and Judith Harrison

“The Energetic Brain” covers the science of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, how to get help and how to manage it from childhood through adulthood. The authors — a neuro-scientist, a clinician and a special educator — do not tell you whether to medicate your child, but if you’re considering that path, they explain how pills commonly prescribed for ADHD work in the brain. They give equal weight to nonmedicinal treatments, such as cognitive-behavioral interventions that focus on what happens before and after a child acts out. They also describe the positive effects of a controlled diet and counseling. This is an intriguing read if you are interested in the brain chemistry of ADHD, since it delves into the most recent research, but if you prefer layman’s terms, this book may be over your head.

Book cover, “The Energetic Brain,” by Cecil Reynolds, Kimberly Vannest and Judith Harrison

Whitney Fetterhoff