To make his documentary, Kim Wolhuter lived among a family of cheetahs in Zimbabwe. (DISCOVERY CHANNEL)
Cute cheetahs (and other wildlife)
“Man, Cheetah, Wild,” Discovery Channel

This two-hour special aired last week, but Discovery’s Web site has posted snippets that feature third-generation bush ranger/filmmaker Kim Wolhuter following and interacting with a cheetah family and other wildlife in Zimbabwe. Wolhuter encounters elephants at a watering hole, helps a zebra stand up by grabbing its fringe to lift it and, in a somewhat creepy segment, allows himself to be inspected by a clan of hyenas. But the main focus is the cheetah family. We get to see cubs up close as they hunt, avoid being stalked by a lion, nap under a tree and climb on top of Wolhuter when he lies in their midst. The segments leave a few cliffhangers (will the lion get to the cubs?) to entice you to watch the full film whenever it airs next. You have to sit through some commercials to get to each snippet, but if encounters with wildlife, particularly cute cheetah cubs, interest you, the price is worth it. Lots of cheetah photos are available on the Web site, along with a link to the African Wildlife Conservation Fund, where you can donate to help protect cheetahs and other endangered animals.