Negotiations between the cosmetics industry and the Food and Drug Administration have collapsed. The goal was to revise regulations that date to 1938 and ensure the safety of various personal care products that cost Americans roughly $60 billion a year. The problem is:

Compared to its authority to oversee pharmaceuticals and foods, the FDA remains virtually toothless when it comes to regulating cosmetics. It has no power to review products before they go on the market. Companies do not have to list all of the ingredients in their products, and they do not have to register their manufacturing facilities with the government. They also are not required to report “adverse events,” making it difficult for regulators to spot potential problems.

— Brady Dennis, The Washington Post

And what exactly are those products? Here’s a list.

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Shaving cream

Pore strips

Pore minimizer

Lip balm

Anti-aging products

Acne treatments

Makeup remover

Makeup corrector

Dark spot corrector

Eye cream treatments

Facial mask

Facial moisturizer

Facial cleansers (astringent, soap, toner or exfoliating solutions)

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Breath freshening products

Tooth whitening products

(Kevork Djansezian/Reuters)



Hair loss treatments

Hair gel or lotion

Hair dye or bleach

Hair foam or mousse

Relaxer or perm products

Chemical straightening treatments


Baby oil

Baby lotion

Baby shampoo

Baby powder

Baby wipes

Diaper cream

Baby toothpaste

Baby bubble bath

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Lip gloss

Lip liner

Lip plumper

Lipstick or matte



Bronzer or highlighter


Eye shadow

Eyeliner or pencil

Eye makeup remover

Eyebrow liner, powder or pencil

Eyelash glue, sealer or adhesive

Eyelash gel, conditioner, primer, enhancer or serum

Foundation (cream, liquid, powder, finish, matte or spray)


Lotion or skin moisturizer

Deodorant (spray, roll-on or stick)

Cologne, perfume or body spray

Essential oils

Body butter


Tanning oil

Suntan lotion

Sunburn or after-sun products

Skin bleaching cream

Soap (bar or liquid)

Body wash or cleanser

Body scrub or exfoliating solutions

Body paint

Body art

Body or facial glitter

Body shimmer

Bath oil or salts

Bubble bath

Foot soap or cleansers

Foot moisturizers or creams

Hand soap or cleansers

Hand moisturizers or creams

Hand sanitizers

Nail polish

Nail polish remover

Nail or cuticle treatments

Pain relief products

Anti-fungal solutions

Wound treatments

Anti-itch creams