D.C. is a pretty mellow place
Yoga Journal, August issue

Yoga Journal named Washington one of its 10 “fantastically yoga-friendly towns,” along with such smaller cities as Asheville, N.C., Boulder, Colo., and Woodstock, N.Y. The Washington write-up focuses on some big annual events, such as the two mega-classes on the Mall each spring, the DC Global Mala Project fundraiser in the fall and the White House’s Yoga Garden at its annual Easter Egg Roll. “So many people come to D.C. because they want to change the world they live in,” says local yoga teacher Shawn Parell in the article. “Whether they’re working inside Capitol Hill or protesting outside, so many people here are driven by a deep sense of dharma, whether they call it by that name or not.”

Achoo! Do I have something serious?
“Overcoming Health Anxiety” (New Harbinger, $16.95)

You might wonder whether a stubborn cough is turning into something serious or whether that guy sneezing beside you on the Metro is contagious. Those are ordinary reactions, but for some people, the fear of having or contracting a serious disease is debilitating, and this self-help book by two Canadian psychologists is for them. Common symptoms of health anxiety (a broader form of hypochondriasis, according to the book) are a preoccupation with wellness, excessive use of vitamins, fear of bacteria and frequent body checking. “Overcoming Health Anxiety” is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, which teaches people how to change their thoughts and behaviors. The book contains worksheets and exercises that can be completed alone or shared with a therapist.