Man walks into a bar. Says: “My chemistry teacher says alcohol is a solution.”

[Pause for laughter.]

That joke was delivered by Robert Mac, a stand-up comedian. But there were also real scientists and science aficionados onstage at the District’s Bier Baron Tavern a couple of Fridays ago, performing in the third Science Comedy Night produced by the community DC Science Comedy.

Kasha Patel, the event’s organizer, recounted on stage: “Friend: ‘You are more likely to be killed by hornets, wasps or bees than a shark.’ Me: ‘Not if I’m in the water.’ ”

[Pause again.]

And here’s Tim Lee, with a PhD in ecology and evolution:

Charles Darwin walks into a bar and orders an organic beer. Bartender says, “Why organic?”

“Well, it’s the natural selection.”

[Pause again.] Laugh or don’t — but the event was sold out.

Scientists will be in the spotlight again April 20, when the DC Science Cafe — another group of socializing scientists — holds “Versed in Science (and Math): An Evening of Poetry” at Busboys and Poets at Fifth and K streets NW. The show will feature Rick Mullin, an editor at Chemical and Engineering News who has also written a book of sonnets based on the voyages of Charles Darwin, and JoAnne Growney, a mathematician, poet and blogger. And the microphone will be open to poet-scientists from the audience.

For more information, go to Then start rhyming. And it wouldn’t hurt to come up with some jokes.