Donor-conceived children use Web to share info

As members of the first generation of donor-conceived children grow older, they have turned to the Internet to track down family and to share stories and resources:

Alana Stewart, a 24-year-old in New York, recently launched Anonymous Us (, a Web site that allows people involved in donor-assisted conception to share their stories anonymously.

Kathleen LaBounty, a 28-year-old in Houston, has written to nearly 600 people in hope of finding her biological father. She chronicles her journey in her blog, “Child of a Stranger” (

Lindsay Greenawalt, a 26-year-old from Cleveland, writes a blog, “Confessions of a Cryokid” (, through which she is hoping to find her biological father and half-siblings.

Wendy Kramer, a Colorado mother of a donor-conceived son, is the founder of the Donor Sibling Registry (, a Web site that helps donor-conceived people find half-siblings and biological fathers.