The Internet is awash in the remains of abandoned blogs, and nowhere is that truer than in the health-care field. You notice it when you get intrigued by a couple of heartfelt posts by, say, a pediatric oncologist or pain specialist and then realize that the last entry is dated 2011.

That’s not the case with Ibee Grumpy M.D., the pseudonymous neurologist who’s been blogging prolifically about “the insanity of medical practice and life” since December 2008. In his initial post, Grumpy says he was driven to the blogosphere “because my patients drive me NUTS!”

Since then, he has kept up a steady stream of tales, comments, complaints, photos and retold conversations. Last month he quoted this from a patient’s chart: “Mr. — is independent for all activities of daily living. He has two children with his daughter living next door.” Grumpy’s comment: “Commas. There’s a reason.”

He’s usually funny, occasionally profane — and often seems to be hiding a compassionate nature behind a facade of snarky whining. He recently posted a series of poignant photographs from old Novartis ads, showing old people looking in the mirror and seeing far younger, vibrant versions of themselves. But who knows? He may really be a grouch.

Still, he seems to resonate with other medical professionals, and you frequently find his blogs re-posted on such widely read sites as And unlike a lot of his burned-out peers, he’s kept it up for six wisecracking years.