Goodbye to nicotine

As a former 2-to-2-1 / 2-pack-a-day smoker, I thank the inventor of the e-cigarette [“E-smoking: Its safety is still up in the air,” Sept. 10]. I tried the patch, the gum, the pill and the hypnotist all before the e-cigarette. Even though I still crave the real kind, I haven’t put one to my lips in 19 months! Pretty darn good! I have been using zero-strength [nicotine] cartridges for almost a year, but do fear I am addicted to the electronic version, as it gives me the hand-to-mouth satisfaction and is constantly in my hand and mouth.

Linda Bufano, Fairfax

Sowing seeds of health

Regarding “The F-word (fructose)” [Sept. 3], parents need to reevaluate how they treat and introduce desserts for meals. I hear “um . . . yummy” as desserts are presented. I hear “Eat a few more bites, and you can have dessert.” It is presented as a calorie-heavy reward. I would like to hear more “yummy” for a well-prepared salad.

We are the role models for our children, and we are telling them what is good for their health. Grow a few vegetables and herbs in your yard, and let them harvest and help prepare their dinner. It will really be yummy.

Linda Rieger, President, Potomac Village Garden Club and Pathways Into Science, Potomac


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