Citing health concerns, the Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday a proposal to eliminate trans fats from food products, including certain types of frozen burgers, microwave popcorn, frostings and more. (Thomas LeGro/The Washington Post)

Trans fats may be found in foods like these, according to the Food and Drug Administration:

— Cookies, crackers, cakes, muffins, pie crusts, pizza dough, and some breads like hamburger buns.

— Hard margarine (stick margarine) and vegetable shortening.

— Pre-mixed products (cake mix, pancake mix, and chocolate drink mix).

— Fried foods (doughnuts, French fries, fried chicken including chicken nuggets, and hard taco shells).

— Snack foods (potato, corn, and tortilla chips; candy; packaged or microwave popcorn).

Source: Department of Agriculture